Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

I.  So we’ve got the Indianapolis Colts versus the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLIV in just XII days on the VII day of February. Have you ever wondered why the Super Bowl is identified in Roman numerals ?  Has anyone noticed that – new for 2010 – all of the ‘Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts’ are Roman numeral numbered ?  Anyway back to the big game. It’s at Sun Life Stadium up near the Miami-Dade / Broward County line. You may remember Sun Life Stadium from one of these former names since 1987 – Land Shark Stadium, Dolphin Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, Pro Player Stadium, Pro Player Park, and the original name – Joe Robbie Stadium. Oh by the way – Let’s Go Saints !

II.  Crystal clear deep blue skies, cooler temperatures, lower humidity, and a nice subtle breeze out of the north – what more could you possibly ask for on the final week of January here in America’s Riviera ?  I forecasted a minimum early-morning low temperature of 52°F with wind chills in the upper-40s. We actually dropped down to 49°F (officially at the air base) at 7 AM with wind chills in the mid-40s. So I was a little bit off there. It appears as if it could be a couple of degrees colder tomorrow morning, so I’m going with 47°F at 7 AM with wind chills in the mid-40s. Wear layers.

III.  I am now less than 18 days away from embarking on my next big Carnival cruise vacation. It’s an 8-day cruise that I booked last September just a little more than a week following the conclusion of my last big Carnival cruise vacation. I imagine that I’ll probably plan yet another Carnival cruise vacation for later this year once I return back to reality following this upcoming cruise. Nothing beats that overwhelming feeling that I get when I’m out at sea – free from radio, television, computers, the Internet, telephones (especially so), and all of the other daily routines of life. It’s really cool to be able to look in every single direction and see nothing but water all the way to the horizon and know that there are no crimes being committed out there. It’s surely a different world, and I like to visit it a couple of times per year. I couldn’t live out there all year long, as that would get old real fast. It’s just fun to be able to go out and experience it and know that it will always be there – even when I’m not.

Have a great Tuesday night my friends. Make it a memorable one !

My NFL Weekend Game Picks: The Results Show

The mighty mighty Pittsburgh Steelers DEFENSE gave up over 400 yards of Arizona Cardinals offense including 3 Kurt Warner touchdowns at Super Bowl XLIII this past Sunday night, but they still managed to keep the Cardinals from scoring a 4TH game-winning touchdown – and that’s all that mattered in a 27-23 nailbiter in one of the most exciting Super Bowl games in modern history.

The game was edge-of-my-seat riveting, the multi-million-dollar commercials were wonderful, and another NFL season has come to a close (save the NFC-AFC Pro Bowl this Sunday afternoon in Honolulu).

After 256 regular season games and 11 post season games I finished the season out with a record of 169-97-1. That’s a respectable game-picking percentage of .635. I’ve done better in previous seasons, but I also had more competitition this season against the likes of my good blogging brothers Alex and Phil. I made a few picks that I wouldn’t have normally made had I competed against nobody this season. It won me the league championship title in Fantasy Football, but it lowered my multi-year seasonal average.

Nevertheless I had a lot of fun with it all, and I’m looking forward to starting it back up again in just about 7 months from now.

Until then enjoy your Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, and Golf !

Super Bowl XLIII – In Real Time

This is an annual tradition of mine, so just play along as I have my fun here.

(All times in PM, Eastern Standard Time)

6:09 – Steelers on the field.
6:10 – Cardinals on the field.
6:28 – Cardinals win the coin toss. (NFC wins for the 12TH year in a row.)
6:32 – Kickoff; 1ST quarter begins.
6:43 – Steelers Field Goal; 3-0.
7:01 – 1ST quarter ends (after 29 minutes).
7:04 – 2ND quarter begins.
7:08 – Steelers TOUCHDOWN; 10-0.
7:21 – Cardinals TOUCHDOWN; 10-7.
7:51 – Steelers TOUCHDOWN; 17-7.
7:56 – 2ND quarter ends (after 52 minutes).
8:29 – Kickoff; 3RD quarter begins (after 33 minute halftime).
8:57 – Steelers Field Goal; 20-7.
9:05 – 3RD quarter ends (after 36 minutes).
9:08 – 4TH quarter begins.
9:25 – Cardinals TOUCHDOWN; 20-14.
9:44 – Cardinals Safety; 20-16.
9:48 – Cardinals TOUCHDOWN; 23-20.
10:00 – Steelers TOUCHDOWN; 27-23.
10:09 – 4TH quarter ends (after 61 minutes); Game over.


My NFL Weekend Game Picks

After 256 regular season games and 10 post season games it all comes down to this – Super Bowl XLIII. It’s an exciting match featuring the 5-time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers against perhaps the most surprising team to make the Super Bowl in modern history – the Arizona Cardinals – who’ve got a handful of ex Pittsburgh Steelers (coaches and players) from their last Super Bowl team.

The Steelers are naturally favoured by a full touchdown with an over-under of 47 points. That would make a final score of Steelers 27 Cardinals 20. I on the other hand am bringing my .637 season-to-date average to the table – and rooting for and picking the Arizona Cardinals to win it all by a score of 33 to 16. Your MVP ?  Kurt Warner !

Check out the big game LIVE on NBC-TV. Continuous pregame coverage begins at 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST. Kickoff occurs at around 6:30 PM EST.

Be sure to catch the season finale of ‘My NFL Weekend Game Picks: The Results Show’ – next Wednesday night here on the big green blog.

My NFL Weekend Game Picks: The Results Show

Check out what I had to say two weeks ago about my picks for the two Conference Championship Games.

OK so half of my Super Bowl XLIII wish came true. That brings my seasonal statistics as follows:

THIS WEEK – 1-1 {.500}

OVERALL – 169-96-1 {.637}

Be sure to check out my absurd Super Bowl XLIII pick tomorrow afternoon here on the big green blog. I’ll even pick an outrageous final score !

Stay tuned later tonight for an all-new Bedtime Stories !

My NFL Weekend Game Picks

This weekend the TOP 2 teams in each conference battle it out to see who is worthy enough to proceed forward to Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Florida on the First of February.

Las Vegas oddsmakers are betting on an all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl with the Steelers and the Eagles. These two teams played in back-to-back Super Bowls a few years back – the Eagles lost to the Patriots by 3 in 2005, and the Steelers beat the Seahawks by 11 in 2006.

That’s a Super Bowl that I personally do not wish to see. I’d rather check out the surprising Arizona Cardinals with veteran Super Bowl QB Kurt Warner against the exciting Baltimore Ravens with their rookie head coach John Harbaugh and their 24-year-old rookie QB Joe Flacco.

I wish to see the Cardinals versus the Ravens in Tampa, and so that’s who I’m picking to win their respective conference championship games this Sunday.

The NFC Championship Game begins at 3 PM EST (Pre-Game starts at 2 PM on FOX), and the AFC Championship Game begins at 6:30 PM EST (Pre-Game starts at 6 PM on CBS).