Burt Reynolds & Football

It’s the start of a fresh new weekend, and this Thursday night blog is always the most difficult to write because I usually don’t know what I’m going to write about until my fingers hit the keyboard at 75 WPM. My Friday, Sunday, and Monday blogs are always the same – hit music charts on both ends with Scripture in the center.

I got home from work early this afternoon, and I quickly discovered via Facebook that Burt Reynolds had passed away this morning at 82. I liked him. I saw his “Smokey And The Bandit” and “Cannonball Run” movies for the first time ever with friends in my (Air Force) dorm when I was 18 years old several years after the movies were released. We laughed hysterically into the night. I decided then that Burt Reynolds was one of my favorite comedic actors. I once visited his museum in Jupiter Florida (about 125 miles from my home), and it was quite the unusual experience from the very start when I entered the premises “improperly”. I’ll share that amusing story with you in a future blog.

NFL Football (regular season) begins tonight on NBC with “Football Night In America”, and then of course all day on Sunday. I’ll be busy keeping up with it every Sunday through the start of February. Aside from the WWE it’s the only sport and league that I actively follow during its season. I’m a lifelong Washington Redskins fan. (That’s where I grew up from 1969 to 1985.)

Hail to the Redskins !
Hail Victory !
Braves on the Warpath !
Fight for old D.C. !

Run or pass and score. — We want a lot more !
Beat ’em. Swamp ’em. Touchdown. — Let the points soar !
Fight on !  Fight on !  ‘Til you have won — Sons of Washington !

Rah !  Rah !  Rah !
Hail to the Redskins !
Hail Victory !
Braves on the Warpath !
Fight for old D.C. !

Hail To The Redskins

NFL Preseason kicks-off with a vengeance tonight with 12 games (and 4 more on Friday and Saturday). It’s my favorite time of the year – the 6 months that represent “Football Season” – from the Hall-Of-Fame Game in Canton Ohio straight-through to the Super Bowl on the first Sunday night in February.

I’m a lifelong Washington Redskins fan. Let’s see how they do this season with a new Quarterback – Alex Smith. Tonight they play the New England Patriots. No spoilers please. I’ll be watching it on tape delay tomorrow afternoon on NFL Network.

This new weekend is just getting started. Tomorrow (Friday) night it’s another edition of “Retro”, as I check out my hit music scene from this weekend in 1998.

I’m preaching a full sermon this Sunday, so let me get back to that.

Me At Lucas Oil Stadium


The Summer Of 2011

Saturday June 04TH 2011
Volume 3 / Number 17 / Edition 114

Well here it is the 1ST Saturday night of June of 2011, and it’s Summer in the city. The regular TV season is over. The NBA and the NHL are playing their respective championship series. A new Atlantic basin tropical season has begun. School’s nearly out for Summer !

Where has the time gone ?  Whatever happened to the now lost art form of creative expression that was blogging ?  This is only my 6TH blog post of 2011. Once upon a time in a year not so long ago I was blogging at least 6 times per week. That was in a different era. All things must change. Life must continue to evolve. Unlike virtually all of my closest friends I have not totally abandoned the fine art of blogging. I’ll continue to make occasional appearances here on WordPress to let you know what’s happenin’.

Here’s what’s goin’ on. Today is the last day of me being 43. I celebrate my 44TH birthday tomorrow – June 05TH. I plan to kickoff the celebration bright and early tomorrow morning at Denny’s where I’ll enjoy my free birthday Grand Slam. Naturally I’ll go with the All-American Slam® – a favourite of mine at ‘America’s Diner’.

This Monday I observe the 26TH anniversary of my High School Graduation, and next Sunday marks my 26TH anniversary working for the USAF (military and civilian combined). It actually does seem like 26 years ago !

June 06TH 1985, McLean Virginia

I’m not blogging on a regular basis anymore, but I’m still active online. Just don’t look for me anywhere on that vast wasteland known as Facebook. I’ve never signed-up for it. I don’t follow what the rest of the world is doing. If you want to ‘friend’ me then please do so in person rather than on the fake world of Facebook.

I’m on Twitter, as I tweet daily @majorhitwaves. I’m also quietly building my photographic collection on Flickr. So far I’ve got 278 pictures up. They are mostly vacation pictures of the past 5 years (many taken by family and friends). I try to add at least a few pictures to the site every few days, so my photostream should look new to you if you check it out every so often. One of my biggest regrets in life is the fact that I never took any pictures of my life up until a little over a year ago. I actually got my first camera last year when I bought my first Android smartphone. It’s a 5 megapixel camera that takes really good pictures. See for yourself on my Flickr !

My Fantastic Journey following my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ continues stronger than ever. He rescued me from the darkness of the world 57 months ago, and the Life that I live today is radically different than the life that I led for the first 39 years on this Earth. I don’t force my faith on anyone; however, if you wish to know more about the God that I know and my relationship with Him then please don’t hesitate to walk with me on this journey and I’ll share The Good News with you. You won’t regret it pal !

Everything else in my Life is pretty much status quo for the most part. I’ve been working at the same place – Homestead ARB – for the past 23½ years. I’ve lived in the same home for the past 16 years (next week is the anniversary for that). I’ve driven the same car for the past 8 years (the end of this month is its anniversary). Home Sweet Homestead. Life is good. God is GREAT !

Saturday Night Retro

Saturday October 16TH 2010
Volume 3 / Number 6 / Edition 103

11 years ago back in October and November of 1999:
The Shops At Sunset Place was the hottest new joint to hang out.
AOL released Version 5.0, and the entire free nation celebrated.
– Moviegoers were blown away by “American Beauty”.
– The population of the world reached 6 billion.
– The Yankees swept the Braves 4 games to 0 to win the World Series again.
– EgyptAir Flight 990 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean killing all 217 on board.
– “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” skyrocketed to the top of the TV ratings.
– Exxon and Mobil combined to become ExxonMobil.
– The world prepared for the upcoming uncertainty that was Y2K.

1999 was certainly a party year as we ushered the end of a year, a decade, a century, and even a millennium. Even Prince made a big deal out of 1999 some 17 years earlier. He knew that it was gonna be big – and memorable. A lot of great party music came out in 1999. It was certainly a year to get up and dance !

Here’s the 1999 techno dance remix of the classic 1968 Steppenwolf track “Magic Carpet Ride”:

Saturday Night Retro

7 years ago during the Autumn months of September, October, and November of 2003 remember when these 7 notable events occurred:

– Once Cat. 5 Hurricane Isabel strikes N. Carolina causing $4 billion in damage.
– Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected Governor of California.
– 11 die and 71 are injured in the Staten Island New York ferry crash.
– The Concorde flies for the very last time.
– Wildfires ravage San Diego County in California destroying over 2,200 homes.
– The Florida Marlins beat the New York Yankees in the World Series.
– Americans pay $1.40 to $1.60 for a gallon of gas.

European dance music had a spot on the South Florida radio dial via Party-93.1, and this was one of the hottest songs of the year on that memorable station that was an integral part of my life for two years. It’s a dance remake of the clasic Duran Duran # 1 smash “Ordinary World”. Here’s Aurora with Naimee Coleman:

Next week it’s the remarkable 100TH edition of my ‘Saturday Night Retro’ – now my only remaining original weekly blog series from the 2008 heyday. I’m not planning anything out of the ordinary for the milestone edition. It will all be routine standard fare. How ‘Retro’ of me. We’ll flashback to 39 years ago to the Autumn of 1971. I want you to meet an Uncle. He knows this Admiral.

See ya next week !

The Major’s Weekend Blast-Off

The 2ND weekend of the month of August of 2010 is here, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting its inevitable arrival since I awoke last Monday morning. This afternoon I conveniently extended this weekend by exactly 24 hours. I’ve decided to take the day off from work on Monday. I’ve scheduled myself for a long-overdue comprehensive eye exam with my Optometry Doctor at The Falls. My last exam was over 14 months ago on my 42ND birthday. It’s usually a birthday tradition for me to get a complete eye exam, but I put it off this year for no particular reason of great importance. I have been experiencing occasional vision problems at times – particularly reading with poor lighting. The eye exam will determine if my eyesight has indeed worsened over the past 14 months, or if it’s just my imagination. The dilation of my pupils and 3-hour recovery time thereafter will no doubt cause me to eat a MASSIVE Lunch in the dark here, and then see a hit movie in the dark here. It’ll be a rough day for me.

Longhorn Steakhouse – Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Brandied Cinnamon Apples, Bread, Coke. This was a week in which I ate Lunch at Red Lobster (Monday), Portofino (Wednesday), and Longhorn (Thursday). I also picked-up Lunch from Publix (Tuesday) and Broadway Subs (Friday). Every single Lunch this week was definitely satisfying and downright scrumptious, but I can’t pick any other than Longhorn as my ‘Best Lunch Of The Week’ since one of my regular waittresses actually opened the front door for me at the joint, welcomed me back, and knew exactly what I wanted before I even sat myself down at my regular table. I feel like I’m a part-owner there. I belong.

– After about 48 hours of dark skies and persistent rains it’s been non-stop sun.
– I forecasted up to 6 inches of rain, and much of Homestead got 4-5 inches.
– I then forecasted 5-7 days of dry weather, and that’s happening now.
– My amateur weather forecasting this year has been truly impeccable.
– It’s one of my few talents, so please don’t hate on me.
– Don’t let the lack of tropical storms and hurricanes thus far deceive you.
– In just a couple of weeks I’m forecasting the oceanic action to heat up.
– Get to know Danielle, Earl, Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, Igor, Julia, and Karl.
– I don’t know about you, but Hurricane Igor frightens me already.
– I’m so excited on seeing my 2010 Redskins play in a preseason game tonight.
– They play LIVE at home against the Bills on NFL Network in HD.
– New coaches, new players, new schemes, new attitude, new era !
– This season could / should be the start of something SUPER !
– I’ve recently made some cool enhancements to my blog here.
– Please tell me what you like and don’t like via the comments or privately.


During the Spring of 1988 I was a young 20-year-old USAF Airman First Class (two stripes) on the verge of becoming 21 and a Senior Airman (three stripes) at bustling Homestead Air Force Base Florida. My total annual salary was about $11,000, but I had no car, lived on-base in a dormitory, and all of the food was free. I rode my bike to and from work on-base through the heat, the wind, and the rain. I dreamed of someday owning a car and driving it all around South Florida … Be sure to check out this weekend’s hot new edition of my ‘Saturday Night Retro’ to see how this story ends. You won’t regret it pal.

Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– As I begin these ‘Mini Thoughts’ it’s 1:38 PM CDT on a Friday afternoon.
– That makes this a delayed edition of the ‘Thursday Night Mini Thoughts’.
– I’m at my brother’s and sister’s-in-law home in dark and stormy North Texas.
– Showers and thunderstorms are slowly moving their way through the region.
– I’m just hoping that the power stays on as these heavy storms move through.
– Winds are occasionally gusting up to 40 MPH.
– It’s a good day to stay cool and dry inside.
– It’s a good day to play a competitive game of Scrabble and maybe some Uno.
– Uno is a longtime tradition with me and my brother dating back some 25 years.
– We may be playing a lot of Scrabble and Uno during this rainy weekend.
– The inclement weather is expected to continue for the duration of my visit.
– If I remember correctly it was like this last May when I visited here.
– May seems like the mini rainy season for North Texas.
– That’s fine, for when I return in July I’ll be able to experience sweltering heat.
– Speaking of sweltering heat – and a nice segue way …
– My flight out of Miami yesterday afternoon was more than 2 hours late.
– It actually arrived in Miami more than an hour late.
– We finally lifted up into the air at 5:25 PM EDT.
– That’s 2 hours and 20 minutes past the scheduled departure time.
– It was a smooth flight towards the northwest at 40,000 feet.
– It was in a Boeing 777.
– It was perhaps the nicest and most modern plane that I’ve ever flown in.
– I even sat in business class – no extra charge.
– I’ve never enjoyed as much arm room and leg room in any previous flight.
– It was a special and unexpected treat.
– The original 757 that was supposed to fly was replaced by this 777.
– I’m all for sudden replacements in aircraft when they are upgrades.
– We touched down at Dallas-Fort Worth at 6:53 PM CDT – nearly 2 hours late.
– It took a full hour – YES – 60 minutes – to eventually get to our gate.
– So my 5 PM arrival turned out to be an 8 PM arrival.
– That’s when I finally met my 23-day-old niece Taylor Lesley Day.
– She is as gorgeous in person as she is in pictures.
– Have you seen the latest pictures over on my Twitter account ?
– I hope that she loves me as her lovable uncle forever.
– We picked up a large Domino’s Pizza and ate it at home.
– I was so exhausted after about 11 hours of travel time.
– I actually slept pretty good last night on a foreign bed.
– This morning I woke up nice and refreshed.
– For Lunch today we picked up burgers and fries at Whataburger.
– There’s about three dozen Whataburgers in Florida – all  in the panhandle.
– I don’t know what’s for Dinner yet, but I’m hoping that it’s MASSIVE.
– I came to Texas to spend quality time with my family – and of course EAT !
– My brother said that they give extensive tours of Dallas Cowboys Stadium.
– We may try to do that on Monday before they take me back to the airport.
– I’ll be back at home late on Monday night.
– Tomorrow night I’ve got another edition of my ‘Saturday Night Retro’.
– I’ll be remembering one of the greatest years of my previous life – 1987.
– On Sunday I hope you’ll join me for ‘My Fantastic Journey’.
– I’ll be featuring a local homegrown (Dallas Texas) Christian Rock band.
– Those are my ‘Thursday Night Mini Thoughts’ for now – one day late.
– Better late than not at all.
– Be sure to follow me on Twitter, and stay tuned as the blogging continues.
– You won’t regret it pal.

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