My Top 5 Hits RETRO – 2009

Every Friday I post the Top 5 of one of my classic hit music charts based on personal preference and influenced by radio airplay from either 10, 15, 20, or 30 years ago this weekend (rotating each week).

It’s the 1ST Friday of the month, so I go back 10 years ago. Here it is – for the week ending Sunday December 06TH 2009:

  1. “Trying” – Eleventyseven
  2. “Rolling With The Punches” – Ruth
  3. “City On Our Knees” – TobyMac
  4. “Breathing For Me” – Everyday Sunday
  5. “Broken Man” – Horizons Fall

Check that out – an early TobyMac song on my chart – and a really good one too. That was actually Toby’s 3RD hit on my chart – following the # 1 smash “Made To Love” and “Boomin'”. I had my research department (me) go even further back in time to November of 1996. That’s when TobyMac really charted for the first time – along with Michael Tait and Kevin Max. Together they were dc Talk, and they scored with a Christian # 1 smash that crossed-over onto Secular Top 40 and Adult Contemporary radio stations – “(Just) Between You And Me”. It spent a single week on my chart at # 28.

It’s halftime my friends. I’ll be back on Sunday and Monday with two more blog posts for this weekend. Enjoy your Saturday. Thanks for going RETRO with me !

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My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

After more than 40 months on this fantastic journey there are hundreds and hundreds of inspirational pop, rock, and hip hop tunes that define this new Life of mine. They are the soundtrack of the light of the Good News that now guides and directs me to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – the Almighty One !

Here’s a song that gives me the chills whenever I hear it, for it was one of the biggest hits of its time back during the very early portion of my fantastic journey as I was slowly building its fragile foundation. It’s a song that tells it like it is:

I was made to Love You
I was made to find You
I was made just for You
Made to adore You
I was made to Love
And be Loved by You

You were here before me
You were waiting on me
And You said You’d keep me
Never would You leave me
I was made to Love
And be Loved by You

God created us to Love Him – and all of His great creations – for God Loves us all of his children. He Loves those who believe – and those who don’t yet believe. He will always wait for you to find the light of the day. He will always welcome you to His Kingdom with Loving arms wide open. He will never abandon you. He will always Love you.

It’s in the lyrics: