Rain In Homestead: The Continuing Saga

7.86 inches of rain officially at Homestead ARB FL – that’s how much we got during the entire month of July. It’s a bit below average.

Add that to the 11.46 inches in June and the 1.96 inches during the second half of May, and so far during this rainy season we’ve received over 21 inches of rain.

But hold the umbrella right there my friend. We all know how extremely localized our summertime showers and thunderstorms can be. Sure an exact location on the air base has received over 21 inches of rain, but what about the surrounding area in and around Homestead ?

Generally you can estimate the total precipitation of a particular location (such as your neighbourhood) over an extended period of time within two inches in either direction of a nearby official reporting location; therefore, it is reasonable to state that ‘the Homestead area’ has thus far received anywhere from 20 to 24 inches of rain since the middle of May.

This stuff excites me !  😀