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Saturday Night Retro

The weekend blogging tradition that is my ‘Saturday Night Retro’ CONTINUES into its 22ND month of memories. And the hits just keep on comin’ !

24 years ago this weekend on the 28TH of June of 1986 (a Saturday) a young and crazy 19-year-old version of me was among over 75,000 rambunctious fans in attendance at London England’s historic (and original) Wembley Stadium. It was an unusually hot and sticky day in London Town, and what made it even more sweatier was the fact that over 75,000 of us were dancing and screaming in unison to all of the stars that were performing all of the hits during the all-day final farewell concert of the pop supergroup Wham ! (George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley and friends). I didn’t realize how much energy I actually had in myself until that jumpin’ and jivin’ day. It was the very first concert of my entire life, and it turned out to be the first of 17 concerts in all during the remainder of my wonderful life in the U.K. 24 years later I look fondly back at that memorable event as the moment that I finally arrived on the British scene.

Here’s the farewell worldwide smash from Wham ! – “The Edge Of Heaven”: