Coming This Week To A Blog Near You !

1.  The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club – I am absolutely determined to eat Lunch this week at either Panda Express, Peking House, or China Garden. It’s been a long 6 weeks since I last made a LIVE lunchtime appearance at one of these fine dining establishments, and club members worldwide are getting restless !

2.  Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts – I really have no clue what 10 miscellaneous items I plan to blog about until I actually sit down at my computer on Tuesday night to do so. It’s that spontaneous !

3.  The Road Rage Files – Chapter 14 – You know it’s going to happen. Someone is going to annoy me so much that I’ll just have to rant and rave about it in a multi-paragraph blog entry. After all I live in Homestead Florida, and bad drivers surround me at all times !

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7 replies on “Coming This Week To A Blog Near You !”

I actually have no notable incidents or annoyances to report on my drive to and from work today, so there will be no ‘Road Rage Files’ for today.

Of course there’s always tomorrow.

To bad. I guess will wait until a driver out there bahaves badly. It’s only a matter of time.:)

I find that I am a magnet for poor drivers as well. That said, I enjoyed your road rage files and was disappointed to not find them here on your new site. Are they archived somewhere?

I had my own encounter this past Sunday on my way to church. There was obvious congestion less than .2 mile ahead of us where all of the traffic was coming to a complete stop, so I began to slow down, signal, and make my way over to the exit that was available. The guy directly behind me must have been tailgating me so closely that he did not see the congestion and began to honk his horn repeatedly while making odd shapes with his mouth and waving his arms in the air. He almost creamed the cars in front of him after he sped past me since he was still looking at me while accelerating into a parking lot of cars. Brilliant!


The previous 300+ blog entries that were posted over on my MySpace blog site will remain intact indefinitely.

Fortunately with so many bad drivers constantly surrounding me here in South Florida the amazing saga of ‘The Road Rage Files’ shall continue over here on this new blog site.

I enjoyed reading about your recent ‘Road Rage’ experience.

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