Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

Anthems For A Broken World - Life Pointe Church
Anthems For A Broken World - Life Pointe Church

Lead Pastor Travis kicked-off a fresh new message series this morning for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season, and it’s all about that song that God has placed in each of our hearts. It’s that song that can change and heal the world around us – if we just let it. We all have a gift. We all can create. We all have that song. It’s time we sang that song and lived it. God has placed it in us. He wants us to sing it to Him.

As Christians we are saved by our faith in Him. The good things in us are an outflow of His great grace. Only a perfect Jesus can restore the brokenness of our imperfect hearts and souls.

On a personal note this was my momentousĀ 100TH Sunday morning at Life Pointe Church. I walked in through the front doors of the movie theatre for the very first time on Sunday January 21ST 2007. It was about 5 months into this fantastic journey that God created for me. God’s been watching over me ever since He created me in 1966. He knows all about me, and He knew that He was eventually going to rescue me from the darkness, save me, bring me into the daylight, and lead me onto His fantastic journey that was especially created for me. He used loud rock and roll music on a local radio station – CALL-FM – to pull me in from the dark of the night, and when I was ready he led me to a hard rock concert at a church building on a Saturday night that ultimately led me to my new church family the very next morning – 100 Sundays ago. God is such a Great and Glorious God !

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