Happy Birthday Danny !

TODAY – May 03RD 2009 – is my brother’s 34TH birthday. He was born on this date back in 1975 in Cheverly Maryland (just outside of Washington D.C.).

I remember on the day before this event we rushed our Mom to the hospital, and on the way there our Dad was pulled over for speeding. Once the cop realized that our Mom was in labor he got back in his car and escorted us straight to the hospital (with lights and siren on).

I ended up spending that night at the house of our Uncle / Aunt / Cousins, and the next morning my brother Danny was born into this world.

My brother is my favourite person in the entire world. He always will be.

For the first time ever here on this blog I present to you a picture of him – from about 29 or 30 years ago. That’s the front door of our house that we lived in from February 1975 to November 1980 in Lanham Maryland.

Danny At 4 Or 5
Danny At 4 Or 5


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  1. Thanks Bro for the Birthday Blog Wishes!!!! That was VERY VERY nice of you to do!!!

  2. I wish I still had that Spider-Man shirt! I wonder if it would still fit? =)

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