Bedtime Stories

OK I’m doing a ‘Bedtime Stories’ for tonight because Ela wants me to, and that’s good enough reason to do so. (Sorry it took so long Ela.)

So this is where I simply ramble on in short paragraph form about whatever floats into my mind and then travels through my cells and nerves down to my fingers that are doing the talking via the keyboard.

I’ve got my first bold weather forecast of the new rainy season (that incidentally started this past Monday). I’m forecasting perhaps 4 to as much as 8 inches of rain (for Homestead) over the next 7 to 10 days. Let’s see how this plays out. We do need a soaker around these parts !

TODAY I picked-up Lunch at Checkers for the 2ND time in as many months – and pretty much the 2ND time in a real long time. This time I avoided their pitiful wings. I went with their meaty double champ burger with cheese, tasty seasoned fries (the best in the fast food business), and outrageously scrumptious cinnamon apple pies (2 for $1). I think this is my new once-a-month Lunch tradition.

I’m thinking about eating Breakfast at Denny’s tomorrow (Saturday) morning. I’m also dreaming of Mamma Mia on Sunday after Life Pointe Church.

This weekend I just want to eat, blog, watch TV, and relax. Is that so wrong ?

TONIGHT I spent another hour or so looking all throughout my ‘This Is Your Life’ photo album that my brother and his wife made for me for my birthday. I’m identifying classic pictures of me that could possibly get published on this blog for the entire world to see. I may feature a couple tomorrow night as I take the ‘Saturday Night Retro’ back 25 years ago to 1984.

Well that’s what’s happenin’ with me on this Friday night. Thank You everyone for taking the time to access and read this blog. This is my Life today, and I love to share it with you as we walk together on this fantastic journey. Take good care of yourselves, love one another, and be sure to check me out again sometime real soon. May God Bless you forever and ever.