Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

Let’s do this thing:

1.  Homestead‘s LongHorn Steakhouse is now open for business, and I’ll start with the Crispy Chicken Trio. After that I’ll have the 9-ounce Flo’s Filet (medium well) with sweet potato with cinnamon and butter. For dessert I’ll partake in the Golden Nugget Fried Cheesecake. Who’s feelin’ what I’m feelin’ ?

2.  The 18TH season finale of “Survivor: Tocantins” this past Sunday night was one of the best in the entire history of the series. I was so rooting for J.T. to win it all – and he did. When Jeff Probst revealed that 4TH vote declaring him the winner I totally jumped for joy right there in my living room. The best man won, and looking back in hindsight he was by far the best player during the course of the game.

3.  I keep hearing me on the radio – morning, afternoon, evening, and late night. To be completely honest with everyone I am NOT tired of hearing myself talk on The CALL. I will never get tired of hearing me tell my testimonial to the world on how God rescued and saved me from the evil and darkness of my previous life. God saved me, and I am now reborn to Him. He can save you too – if you would just let Him. If you appreciate the life-changing work that The CALL is doing for God then THANK them by supporting them financially.

4.  Last week I boldly forecasted 4 to 8 inches of rain this week. This just in. We’re almost there – at least most of us are. Over the past 3 days the immediate Homestead area has actually received the least amount of rain up and down the east coast of Florida, but we’re certainly catching up this afternoon. Let it rain !

5.  This blog’s origins actually go back 16 years ago this week to May 21ST 1993. That’s when I created ‘MANx CAT BBS’ – a classic computer bulletin board system. It was during a wild pre-web era in which such relics of MS-DOS 6.0 and Windows 3.1 ruled the telephone lines and the 14.4 and the 28.8 modems of yesteryear. ‘MANx CAT BBS’ spun-off ‘MANx On The Net’ which evolved into the popular hit music web site that was ‘MASSIVESMASH.COM‘ which spun-off this blog (first on MySpace and then here on WordPress).

Those are my thoughts on this Tuesday night. I thank you for reading them.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

  1. Since I don’t listen to the CALL (sorry) where can I hear what you are talking about?

    Thanks for the heads up about Longhorn! WOO HOO! Let’s go after church on Sunday and show them some good LPC hospitality.

  2. You can hear my testimonials 24/7 around the clock all this week on The CALL.. If you just tune-in for about a half an hour then you should be able to hear at least one of them.

  3. Ok… and what do you say to lunch Sunday after church? Let’s invite a ton of people and crowd Longhorn with polite, courteous LPC folks.

  4. We can talk about it on Sunday morning. ‘After church’ for the LPC crew can mean anytime from 10:15 AM clear through to 12:30 PM. It’s too vague of a time-frame. We need to come up with a definite time where we all meet out front of the joint and then all walk in as a semi-organized group. It’ll be chaotic enough in there on their first official weekend open.

    Besides I’ve been stood up before on countless previous occasions for Lunch on Sunday ‘after church’, so I’m very hesitant to plan something 4 days in advance. 😥

  5. Stood up on countless occasions??? Not by us. After realizing this is Memorial Day weekend and opening weekend for Longhorn I think we will postpone our venture over there until a later date. The kids can be quite a treat after church at restaurants.

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