Friday Night Blogroll Review

Believe it or not some of my friends actually still blog:

Alex is in Chi-Town.

Kelly’s proud of her graduate. * MAJOR BLOGGIE AWARD WINNER *

Luci and her family went to Sea World Orlando.

Phil works bankers’ hours.

Tammy wishes to go up, up, and away – my beautiful, my beautiful balloon

Venus wants you to sign-up for her Singles Life Group. I’ve heard that it’s a lot of fun !  Bring food with you.

And now Ladies and Gentlemen – inspired by Tammy‘s next adventure – I present to you a ‘Saturday Night Retro’ special on a Friday night. It’s the 1967 Grammy Award Winner for Record Of The Year (and 5 other Grammy awards). It’s The 5TH Dimension with their U.S. TOP 10 megasmash “Up – Up And Away”. It entered the legendary Billboard HOT 100 a mere two days before I was born in June of 1967.

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