Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– I always look forward to blogging on a Thursday night.
– That’s because this is one of my favourite weekly series.
– OK – It’s my favourite of them all.
– I have no idea what I’m gonna type on here until I actually do it.
– This is as spur-of-the-moment spontaneous as it can possibly get with me.
– “Judge Judy” just came on (at 4 PM EDT).
– An afternoon is not for real until I’ve had my hour-long dose of Judy.
– They don’t keep her around there because she’s gorgeous.
– They keep her around there because she’s SMART !!!
– The devil has been working overtime at my workplace all this week.
– He’s been making my Life miserable at work.
– But he started to retreat big-time during the day today.
– That’s because God gave me some stronger armour to wear.
– Ephesians 6:10-20 – I could (and should) read that every single day.
– If reading about God makes you uncomfortable then you don’t know Him.
– You should get to know Him.
– He can change your Life.
– I’m looking forward to the long Memorial Day holiday weekend.
– It all starts in less than 24 hours dude.
– I’ve decided to take a week off from serving at Life Pointe Church.
– I’m coming in late, and I’m attending the 10:30 AM service.
– Later on Sunday I plan to drive down to The Keys.
– I’m attending the 6 PM service at the Plantation Key campus.
– I’ve heard a lot of great things about this campus.
– I need to check them all out for myself.
– I also want my Tom Little update of the month.
Homestead ARB has recorded 4.55 inches of rain over the past 5 days.
– Last week I boldly forecasted 4 to 8 inches of rain for this week.
– It looks like I so totally nailed this weather forecast.
– I do my best weather forecasting work during the rainy season.
– And I do it for free.
– I adore this picture of my first cat Fluffy:

Fluffy The Manx Cat - Late-1987
Fluffy The Manx Cat - Late-1987

– That doggie pillow still exists today on one of my living room couches.
– It’s much more faded now.
– Fluffy inspired ‘MANx CAT BBS’ – born on this day in 1993.
– That BBS is the Godmother of this blog.
– And those – my friends – are my mini thoughts on this here Thursday night.
– Keep it real dudes and dudettes.
– I’ll check you cats out this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

  1. The PKC is really nice…Everyone put a lot of TLC into the site. Paint, new

    chairs, etc…

    Ivan and I went to check it out on Easter Sunday..It was a nice to meet new people and be a part of seeing His love transform.

    He is definately working on the population down in 33070 area.

    Driving Directions:
    FYI- As soon as you drive over the bridge; make a sharp turn/fork to the right.. Their might be a LPC sign in the median…But if u get lost call Travis….


  2. I haven’t been there since all of those renovations. I last visited there on the Sunday before Christmas (5 months ago).

    P.S. I know how to get there. I knew how to get there before it was there !

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time at work. Who’s messing with you? Let me at em! 😎 I’ll keep it in prayer. You’re on the right track though, with God at the forefront, don’t you worry about the rest. Remember – “no weapon formed against us shall prosper..Isaiah 54:17”

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