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My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

This week on ‘My Fantastic Journey’ I present Christian hip hop and rap star John Reuben out of Columbus Ohio. This is his 3RD appearance on the ‘Journey’, and he’s gonna have a lot more on here in the future as long as he continues to crank out the positive and poignant hits.

This time around it’s “Make Money Money” from his ENORMOUS 2007 album “Word Of Mouth”. It’s all about that mighty ‘dolla dolla’ – the bucks – the greenbacks – the Benjamins. We used to struggle to make it, and then once we had it we saved it and stretched it for as long as we could. Nowadays we’ve got rich spoiled children that spend lots of money just to look sloppy and broke. They call it fashionable. I call it fake. Be real. It’s in the lyrics: