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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– Let’s get spontaneous.
– Let’s not hold nothin’ back.
– Can we talk here ?
– I love typing in these ‘Mini Thoughts’.
– That’s because there’s absolutely no planning for this beforehand.
– The ‘Disco Party’ and the ‘Retro’ are both planned weeks / months in advance.
– Even the ‘Grab Bag’ on Tuesday nights takes much of the week to plan.
– But these ‘Mini Thoughts’ are happenin’ right here and right now.
– If you look sad and miserable on the outside then you are that way all around.
– Even if you look happy on the outside you may still be sad and miserable.
– You can hide sad and miserable with a smile on your face.
– Some people are good at it.
– I’m thinking that if you’re sad and miserable then you don’t know God.
– There’s a MASSIVE difference between believing in God and knowing Him.
– I’ve believed in His existence for nearly my entire lifetime.
– But I’ve only really known Him for the past 42 months.
– As the journey continues I’m knowing Him more and more.
– Adults who hate raise children who hate.
– That vicious cycle is endless unless One steps in to break it.
– That One is God and no other.
– Imagine how this world would be if we all loved rather than hated.
– Tonight I’ve got my Life Group where we will learn more about God.
– Tomorrow is a normal Friday work day for me, and then the weekend begins.
– I’ve cleared my Saturday morning schedule to do two main things.
– I’m getting a professional car wash and detail done first thing in the morning.
– After that I’m heading to Monkey Jungle to hang out with my primate buds.
– I’m even thinking of getting an annual pass to the joint.
– I think an annual pass costs just $10 more than a one-day pass.
– Are you getting tired of this outrageous cold winter season ?
– Don’t worry we’ll get back to more normal weather as soon as next week.
– I forgot what 80°F+ feels like.
– Unofficially so far in 2010 we’ve only had 8 days (out of 63) in the 80s.
– 7 out of those 8 days were just barely into the 80s (80° or 81°).
– But back to reality – how does FROST on your car sound for tomorrow ?
– It could very well happen for those of us well inland (such as Homestead).
– Stay warm, and may you have a cozy Thursday night at home.