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Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

Looking Back At This Blog – ‘The Major’s Life Blog’ marks its 3RD anniversary in existence this week going back to the ancient history days of Myspace. (They seem so long ago.) The blog has developed and evolved greatly over the past 3 years, and although it’s not nearly as popular as it once was back in its hectic heyday (2008) it is still very relevant. It keeps me accountable to those of you within my church family that love and care for me on this fantastic journey. I’m celebrating my second chance at Life, so what better way to do so than to share it with those of you who are rooting for me to succeed. God is using me and this blog to minister to the world. Based on personal feedback over the past 3 years lives are being saved out there because of this blog’s existence. The Truth is I am not saving lives. This blog is not saving lives. God is saving lives. He is my Almighty Leader, and I am just one of His millions of Disciples here on His land – His creation. My words are really His words when I minister His Good News. I take no credit at all. It is all because of Jesus.

Looking Ahead At Summer Television – The 2009-2010 television season officially comes to a close tomorrow night (the 26TH of May), and then summer reruns and new and returning series take over from there. I always look forward to Summer television. Three of my favourite broadcast network prime time shows air solely in the summer – “America’s Got Talent” (returning June 01ST), “Hell’s Kitchen” (returning June 01ST), and “Big Brother” (returning July 08TH). Summertime is a fun time to watch my favourite shows as well as catch-up on those that I missed during the regular season but managed to preserve on DVR. I’ve got some CBS sitcom marathons to watch soon !

Looking Out At 40,000 Feet – On a recent flight aboard a Boeing 777 from Miami to Dallas cruising altitude was at 40,000 feet. That’s probably the highest above the Earth that I have ever been in my entire lifetime. Although it appears to be peaceful and quiet outside at 40,000 feet – 7½ miles above sea level – the weather is harsh, fierce, and unlike anything we’ve ever seen here on earth. Oh sure the sun is out and shining brightly against a crystal clear deep blue sky with all of the clouds way down below, but air temperatures are about -60°F to -80°F. That’s a full 130° to 150° colder outside than it is inside the cabin. Oh yeah let’s not forget about those ferocious winds that are blowing up to 250 MPH. That outrageously cold air from the outside is essentially cooked by the engines of the jet aircraft, and then it is cooled back down by the air conditioners so that it feels comfortable to our human skin. How dry is that cooked then cooled air that touches our skin ?  It’s as dry as it can possibly be – there’s only a trace amount of water in that air. It’s less than 2% water, so that explains why we’re always thirsty inflight and our skin seems to dry up. It doesn’t really explain though why some of us (me included) have to take Dramamine in order not to get sick inflight and embarrass ourselves. Well that’s because the barometric pressure inflight is much lower than we’re used to – unless of course you live on a mountaintop that’s at least 7,500 feet above sea level. You crave oxygen ?  Well there’s much less of it inflight. Happy Flying This Summer !