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Sunday Scripture

I’m currently between sermons right now. I preached a full sermon on March 04TH, and I’ll possibly be preaching again on April 08TH. Last night I finished writing my next sermon on “Light & Dark”. It’s all about living in the light – and constantly moving towards the source of the light – God’s light – and away from where I came from – the dark – Satan’s dark. My new sermon continues my message series on the Book Of James; although, this particular message contains much Good News from First John Chapters 1 and 2. I tweeted this verse yesterday:

If anyone claims, “I am living in the light,” but hates a Christian brother or sister – that person is still living in darkness. (1 John 2:9 NLT)

I Can Only Imagine” shocked the box office this weekend. Initial estimates suggested that it could possibly make $2 to $4 million this weekend in box office receipts. When I saw that I said, “NO WAY !  This movie will be HUGE. This movie will make $15 to $20 million this weekend. You’re underestimating the power of God and His people.”

It ran out of the gate with $1.3 million during its Thursday night previews and nearly $5 million on Friday, $6 million on Saturday, and $5 million today. That’s over $17 million this weekend. It was the # 3 or # 4 movie on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – just behind the big budget Hollywood blockbusters “Black Panther” and “Tomb Raider”. It was the # 1 movie of the weekend in per theatre average. That means it was the most crowded movie to see this weekend. That’s God’s Glory shining His light at the movie theatres from coast to coast.

I’m seeing it this upcoming Thursday. Later that same day – Newsboys LIVE in concert !