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Sunday Scripture

It’s been 70 days since I returned to my original blog on social media – a blog that I regularly posted in a full decade ago. I blogged over 1,300 times back then, and every single one of those blogs can still be read today. I enjoy reading some of those classic gems.

I burnt out on blogging, and I discovered Twitter in 2009. I fell in love with the 140-characters-or-less universe. I then joined Facebook 5 years ago this week on March 31ST 2013 (Easter Sunday). I brought my blogging back to Facebook. It was popular at first, but then it eventually got buried by all of the politics that people prefer discussing over there. Towards the end of my blogging (this past New Year’s Eve) I was dismayed that I’d pour my heart and soul for hours on a blog, post it on Facebook, and watch it get maybe 10 likes (on a good week). Meanwhile others would post fake news or a politically-charged meme, and it would get 10 likes in less than a minute.

So I’m back on here, I’ve got a new audience, I’ve brought some friends over from Facebook and Twitter, and I’m blogging 3 times per week again. It’s peaceful here on WordPress, and I don’t have to dig through all of the political nonsense to get to the positive, encouraging, and inspirational news that I’d rather read and absorb online.

Thank You for joining me here on Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays. I love you all !

It’s Palm Sunday. I preached this earlier today from John 12:12-19 (NLT):

The next day – the news that Jesus was on the way to Jerusalem swept through the city. A large crowd of Passover visitors took palm branches and went down the road to meet Him. They shouted, “Praise God !  Blessings on the One who comes in the name of the Lord !  Hail to the King of Israel !” Jesus found a young donkey and rode on it – fulfilling the prophecy that said: “Don’t be afraid – people of Jerusalem. Look – your King is coming – riding on a donkey’s colt.” His disciples didn’t understand at the time that this was a fulfillment of prophecy. But after Jesus entered into His glory – they remembered what had happened and realized that these things had been written about Him. Many in the crowd had seen Jesus call Lazarus from the tomb – raising him from the dead, and they were telling others about it. That was the reason so many went out to meet Him – because they had heard about this miraculous sign. Then the Pharisees said to each other, “There’s nothing we can do. Look – everyone has gone after Him !”