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The Major’s Top 5 Hits RETRO – 1998

  1. I Know Where It’s At – All Saints
  2. I Want You Back – ‘N Sync
  3. As Long As You Love Me – The Backstreet Boys
  4. One More Night – Amber
  5. (I Wanna Be Your) Number One – Alexia

These were my Top 5 hits exactly 20 years ago this weekend – Sunday March 29TH 1998.

The # 1 pop smash nationwide on this date was Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” from “Titanic”. I actually saw “Titanic” on March 12TH 1998 in Fort Worth Texas with coworkers during a military trip. We saw it rather late – nearly 3 months after its box office release. It was still # 1 when we saw it.

(For fun I maintain a database of every movie I see at the box office. I’ve been doing this since 1989.)

I’ve been producing my own personal weekly hit music chart off and on for the past 30+ years. Next Friday I’ll go back another 10 years to the 2ND weekend of April of 1988.

This Sunday I’ll be back with Scripture. I’m leading my church family in Communion on Sunday, and I’ll be using Matthew 28:1-10 as my guide. Today and tomorrow I’ll continue building my May 2018 sermon on “Pride & Prejudice” from the end of Chapter 1 and the start of Chapter 2 of the Book Of James.

That’s all for now. Keep moving forward towards God’s bright light. Remember that it’s Friday now, but Sunday is coming !