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Columbus Day Weekend

It’s the start of a fresh new weekend here on my blog with 4 brand new blog posts – starting with this one. Weekends always start on Thursdays and end on Mondays here at “Saturday Night Retro”.

Monday is Columbus Day here in the U.S., and it’s Thanksgiving Day up in Canada. Enjoy the long weekend and the holiday – wherever you are.

Today after work I’m gonna go see one of the biggest box office comedy smash hits in history – “Crazy Rich Asians“. I’ll be seeing it in its 51ST day of release. Most movies don’t make it past 21 days at the movie theatres. I’ve heard this movie packs in the laughs with a lot of love as well. Sounds like a fun 2 hours !

On Friday I’ll bring the #Retro back to this weekend in 1988. Saturday is my day of rest. I’ll be working on my next sermon – a standalone sermon on Cain (of Cain & Abel fame). My message series on the Book Of James will resume in December or January. I’ll also be working on Communion which I’ll be leading my church family in this Sunday. I’m back with “Sunday Scripture” in the afternoon, and then on Monday it’s my brand new Top 10 weekly hit music chart.

So that’s a preview of my weekend. Thank You for reading or following my blog !

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