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No Politics Zone

I voted by mail last weekend. I’ve been voting by mail for many years now – ever since I realized that it was an option in my local area. I receive my ballot up to a month in advance, and I study the people and the issues that are on the ballot in the privacy of my own home on my own time.

I never discuss politics publicly – whether it’s on social media or in-person. I believe that if I know who you voted for, who you plan to vote for, who you love, who you hate, and if you voted “yes” or “no” on an issue – then I know way too much about you. I don’t want to know any of that information about you.

Broadcast and Cable TV News is extremely biased nowadays across the board since it’s very easy to know exactly what political affiliation most hosts and anchors are just by watching them report their version of the news and current events. Fact-based newscasts and daily, nightly, and Sunday morning news shows are few and far-between. Most are overwhelmingly opinion-based.

Almost a year ago I ended nearly 5 years on Facebook because it became so over-the-top political – by my own “friends” on there. I still go on Facebook throughout a typical day for a few minutes at a time. I’m pretty much looking for encouragement and inspiration on there, as well as a few laughs. After a few minutes I’ve had enough of everyone’s political opinions.

I know I just wrote this blog post on politics in general, but this blog really is a “No Politics Zone”. The same is true for my Twitter and Flickr feeds. Here on my blog I mostly write about God and music. I write about the music that I liked from my childhood through my late-30s, and I write about the music that God has introduced me to over the past 12 years of salvation. God rescued and saved me using His music. I am alive today, and I am here on this blog because of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Since He did this to me – I know that He can do it to you as well – if He hasn’t already done so.

I’ll always keep my political beliefs to myself, but I’ll never do that with my spiritual beliefs. I believe in God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit – as One God. I love God more than anyone and more than anything. I will praise and worship God above and beyond everyone and everything else in my life. I will share God’s Good News with you on this blog, on my Twitter feed, and out there in the world that we live in.

I know that what I write online is not for everyone. If it’s not for you then you don’t have to read it. If it is for you then let’s keep moving forward together as we get closer to God. That’s what this ministry is all about.

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