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Today I got choked-up leading my church family in Communion. It was a spiritual moment. It was an emotional moment. But that’s not why I got choked-up. It was an imperfect human moment at the time.

After I distributed the elements to my church family we took the bread:

“Let us take this bread, and know that it represents the sacred body of Christ that was given up for us on that cross. We take this bread in remembrance of Him.”

I took the bread (looks identical to the photo above), and much of it went down the wrong tubes of my throat. I lost my voice right then and there. The body of Christ had left me speechless. I couldn’t wait to get to the blood of Christ so that I could clear / wash my throat properly. It took me a short little while to get my voice partially back so that I could continue our ceremony:

“Let us take this juice, and know that it represents the precious blood of Christ that was shed for us on that cross. We take this juice in honor of Him.”

My Communion today was based on Acts 26:13-18 when Saul first “met” Jesus, believed in Him, became the Apostle Paul, and began his ministry.

We’ve all got great stories of how we first “met” our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Each and every one of us have a message and a testimony. We are triumphant. We are victorious. We are miracles. We are recipients of God’s grace and mercy.

It’s important that we share our testimony – not just with our brothers and sisters of this church family, but with our neighbors out there who do not yet know the God we know. He commands us to go and tell. That’s what disciples do, and we are all disciples of Christ.

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