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Sunday Scripture

As I begin my 5TH year with my current church family I’m reminded yet again why I love everyone so very much.

Praise & Worship

We had a beautiful, encouraging, and inspirational church service today – even with more than a dozen out and about on this pseudo-holiday (Saint Patrick’s Day). Everyone returns home safely and securely next week, and we will celebrate as we always do each and every Sunday morning starting at 11.

Today we were introduced to several new songs during Praise & Worship, and then we were in for a treat. Pastor Terry led the message, and she went “old school” by delivering God’s Truth entirely from the Old Testament – 1 Samuel 30 (all 31 verses), Psalm 107, Job 42:10-17, and Judges 11:10. Her sermon was titled “Recovering Losses”, and she told the story of how (future King) David and his men recovered their losses in a holy war against the Amalekites (enemies of the Israelites). She related it to the present-day, and how we can recover our losses through the guidance and direction of our Lord & Healer Jesus Christ.

“LORD – help !” they cried in their trouble, and He saved them from their distress. (Psalm 107:6 & 13 & 19 & 28 NLT)

My friends – I am living proof of God’s glorious miracles. I have personally experienced 12½ years of miracles since salvation started for me. If you’re a believer and a follower of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ then you know what I’m talking about. If you are not yet a believer and a follower (or if you’re unsure) then it’s not too late. Our God is a powerful God. He wants you to come to Him. You don’t have to go far at all. He will meet you right where you are. You just need to reach out to Him into His arms wide open. He wants to take you on a fantastic journey. Go with Him. Follow Him. Trust Him. He’s got an abundance of miracles with your name on it. He’s got a church family waiting for you to join them in His eternal celebration.

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