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Church People

Last Saturday afternoon (between Good Friday and Easter Sunday) I watched the movie “Church People” online. Here’s the trailer:

The movie is only available for streaming online via their official web site, and it costs a hefty $19.95 to watch it during a specific 4-hour viewing window. If it were not for the pandemic then this would have probably been at the movie theatres nationwide during this past season of Lent. (There always seems to be at least one faith-based movie showing at the multiplex during the weeks leading-up to Easter.)

I believe the original title of this movie was “Youth Group” based on the “behind-the-scenes” segment after the movie and before the closing credits rolled. It could have very well been titled “Megachurch”. I won’t give away much and spoil it, but it’s about a megachurch that has drifted far away from preaching the Gospel, and now they rely heavily on gimmicks and stunts. (I’ve been to a few megachurches like that.)

The crazy “rock star” Senior Pastor has come up with the most outrageous idea of them all for Good Friday. It takes the Youth Pastor to set him straight. You’ll see what happens if you purchase and stream this movie.

YES – There are several quirky characters in this movie that resemble the “Church People” that may or may not populate your church – if it’s big enough and youthful enough. I did laugh throughout the movie; although, some of the jokes fell flat on me. There were definitely some missed opportunities. The storyline was a bit rough at times and hard to follow. Nevertheless it was an entertaining 1-hour and 45-minute experience.

I recommend it. As I stated earlier $19.95 is hefty, but if you had gone to a movie theatre to see it you would have spent far more than that if you went with someone else or with your family or friends. Gather a group with you to see this online !

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