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My Least-Driven Year Ever

Welcome back to #TravelThursday. For this final edition of 2022 – I look back at my year of driving. It defied all expectations. It turned out to be my least-driven year ever.

Last Wednesday December 21ST – I drove my 6,000TH mile of 2022. I’ll finish the year with a little over 6,100 miles. Back in 2020 during the onset and peak of COVID – I drove 6,395 miles, and that was a new record low for me. I thought that would never happen again – to drive as few miles as that in a single calendar year. Last year – 2021 – I drove 8,672 miles – a nice improvement over 2020, but still a bit below my typical driving in a year.

Fun Fact: My 1989-2022 average is a little over 10,600 miles per year. That’s over 360,000 miles of driving over the past 34 years.

Are you impressed that I’ve kept such extensive records ?

In 2022 I drove more than 500 miles in just 4 months – March, June, July, and October. March was my most-driven month at a little over 1,000 miles. That’s when I went on a fun 6-day / 626-mile road-trip with my family visiting from Texas. It was my longest road-trip of the year, and I blogged all about it here on 4 consecutive editions of #TravelThursday during the month of March.

Looking ahead to 2023 – it should be a completely different story, and it could be one of my most-driven years ever. I’ll be purchasing my new home in a couple of months 186 miles away, and I’ll be driving 186 miles twice per week – usually on Sunday mornings (southward) and Wednesday afternoons (northward). With each new trip northward to my new home I’ll be transporting more stuff. I’ll probably average about 450 to 500 miles per week from mid-February through probably the rest of the year. That’s up to 2,000 miles per month. I could very well approach or even exceed 20,000 miles of driving in 2023. I’ll be documenting a lot of those miles here on #TravelThursday.

Next #TravelThursday I’ll revisit Saudi Arabia. Let’s keep traveling together.

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