Sunday Scripture

Today was another beautiful day with my church family at Living Waters. We had a special guest speaker this week, and he brought God’s Good News to us in an awesome way.

He preached on all 21 verses of Daniel Chapter 1 – which begins in 605 B.C. – the 3RD year of King Jehoiakim’s reign in Judah. Jehoiakim was the oldest son of Josiah who I’ve been studying for the past month or so, and it’s actually become my next two sermons that I hope to preach to my church family. My first sermon covers the entire 31-year reign of King Josiah. My second sermon covers the crumbling of the Kingdom of Judah immediately after Josiah’s untimely death.

During the third year of King Jehoiakim’s reign in Judah – King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon came to Jerusalem and besieged it. The LORD gave him victory over King Jehoiakim of Judah, and permitted him to take some of the sacred objects from the Temple of God. (Daniel 1:1-2)

Today’s sermon went a long way in helping me to understand the fall of the “Southern Kingdom” to Babylon.

Jehoiakim was twenty-five years old when he became King, and he reigned in Jerusalem eleven years. His mother was Zebidah – the daughter of Pedaiah from Rumah. He did what was evil in the LORD’s sight – just as his ancestors had done. (2 Kings 23:36-37)

Our Special Guest Speaker this week was Jeff Carter – Author of “I Can Prove God Exists: Only God Could Be An Atheist” – available on Amazon.

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Sunday Scripture

I have returned home to South Florida after 5 days in North Texas and in the air between the two distinct regions. I enjoyed my time with my family out west, and I’ll start posting photos of my trip on Flickr (which will also cross-post here on the web site edition of this blog).

Due to maintenance problems my early-morning flight from Miami to Dallas left nearly an hour late – and that was enough to miss my connecting flight to Wichita Falls Texas. That gave me a 5-hour layover at #DFW instead of the expected 1-hour layover. That was plenty of time to enjoy an early-Lunch and read a book that I’ve been blessed with – “How To Worship A King” by Zach Neese.

Due to weather problems (fog) my mid-morning flight from Wichita Falls to Dallas left 3 hours late – completely wiping-out my expected 3-hour layover at #DFW. I walked briskly (and used Skylink) from Terminal B to C. As I was approaching the gate for my connecting flight to Miami they were already calling for all passengers in all groups to board. I barely made my connecting flight with minutes to spare.

I’ll be flying again in 41 days, and hopefully it will go much more smoothly and expected than otherwise.

Wherever you go and whatever you do – you will be blessed. (Deuteronomy 28:6 NLT)

Sunday Scripture


I have returned from vacation. Regular Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday blogs resume.

I spent 4 of my vacation days at sea on this beauty (pictured above in Nassau) – the Disney Magic. It was my 21ST cruise overall (since 1991), 1ST cruise in nearly 4 years, and 1ST cruise on Disney Cruise Line. I enjoyed this cruise (with family) immensely. Other ports-of-call on this short cruise were Key West (just 130 miles down the Overseas Highway from my home) and Castaway Cay (Disney’s private Bahamian island).

I took a book with me to read. It was recently given to me by a Brother in Christ. It’s a short 140-page book titled, “Holiness, Truth, And The Presence Of God” by Francis Frangipane. I intended to read the whole book while on this cruise, but I only managed the first 52 pages. It’s been an amazing 52 pages. I loved how Francis described the beginning of salvation as seeing God’s Kingdom from a distance, and the expansion of salvation as entering God’s Kingdom. And I’ll add that God’s Kingdom continues to expand as you continue to move forward towards His light – bringing others with you.

Jesus said, “I tell you the truth – unless you are born again – you cannot see the Kingdom of God. I assure you – no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and the Spirit.” (John 3:3,5 NLT)

I may be preaching my next sermon next Sunday, so I should get that enhanced and finalized. It’s great to be back home – where I belong. It’s great to have you walking this fantastic journey with me.

The Major’s Weekend Blast-Off

It’s the 22ND day of October of 2010, and the start of the 4TH weekend of the 10TH month of the year. Every day on this fantastic journey is a celebration of my new Life, but a special celebration always occurs right around the 20TH of every month. It was right around the 20TH of August of 2006 that I discovered CALL-FM on the radio. In a ‘God Wink‘ moment (looking back in hindsight) I eventually realized that God used my love of loud music to bring me closer to Him. That was 50 months ago this week. 5 months after my salvation I was a 1ST-Time Guest at Life Pointe Church in Homestead Florida as I went public with my newfound faith. It’s been a whirlwind 45 months living Life with my church family, and a wild and crazy 50 months following my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And the countup continues !

It was a real close call, as this was a rare week in which I ate at both Longhorn Steakhouse and Red Lobster. They were the bookends of my busy Lunch week  with Longhorn on Monday, Red Lobster today, and Chinese food, a Publix sub, and KFC hot wings in-between. This week’s award winner is … Red Lobster !  I had a new hostess greet me at the front door as well as a new waitress serve me at my table. They were both wonderful. The food – as usual – was scrumptious. I enjoyed a Caesar salad, two Cheddar Bay biscuits, the Garlic Crab-And-Shrimp Pasta, and for dessert – the Warm Apple Crumble à la Mode. I diggity-dig !  😀

– You must let go of something before you can capture it for good.

My Soul To Take


This Saturday night on my ‘Retro’ I’m flashing back 33 years ago to the Summer of 1977 when I turned 10-years-old. Next Saturday night it’s a special Halloween edition of the ‘Retro’ featuring “The Monster Mash”. Be sure to check out the fun here on the blog. Don’t forget that you can follow me on Twitter all week long to see what I’m up to. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend my friends !

The Major’s Walk-A-Thon

Time: 6:29 AM – 6:55 AM
Sky: Clear
Temperature: 47°F
Dewpoint: 46°F
Relative Humidity: 93%
Winds: Calm
Barometric Pressure: 29.92 Falling

Here are my walking thoughts in 15 words or less:

– This morning I took a spontaneous walk around my neighbourhood.
– I say that because I had actually decided to skip the walk due to the cold.
– I was gonna go straight to Denny’s to consume a GINORMOUS Breakfast.
– But then when I stepped outside I had a ‘Godwink‘ moment.
– God directed me to grab my iPod Shuffle and earphones and go for a walk.
– And so I did, and it wasn’t as frigid cold as it was originally forecast to be.
– It was still a cold walk – in the upper-40s – but there was little to no wind.
– My neighbourhood smelled good at dawn.
– Aside from the occasional passing vehicle it was peaceful and quiet outside.
– Not a creature was stirring – not even a canine or a feline.
– I couldn’t even find the usual assortment of ducks outside.
– They were probably in the bushes staying warm(er).
– I love my neighbourhood.
– It’s hard to believe that I’ve lived here in one place for nearly 15 years.
– Could I possibly live here for another 15 years ?
– I ended up walking one complete lap around my neighbourhood.
– That’s roughly 1.3 miles, and it took 25½-minutes to do so.
– Immediately following the walk I jumped in my car and went to Denny’s.
– Three words dude – ‘All-American Slam’.
– Need I say more ?
– I didn’t think so.
– It took me 51 minutes to drive to Denny’s, eat hearty, and return home.
– That was exactly twice as long as my walk around my neighbourhood.
– But they were both equally fun and satisfying.
– I’m glad that I did both this morning.
– It’s gonna be a great normal weekend at home for the 1ST time in 3 weeks.
– I’ve got a lot of paperwork and online work to do today and tomorrow.
– Later tonight be sure to come back here for some 2003 ‘Retro’.
– Until then enjoy your Saturday in paradise.
– Make it special and memorable.

Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– It’s time to continue a Thursday night tradition since January 2009.
– It’s time for some spontaneous ‘Mini Thoughts’.
– 3 out of 5 therapists recommend the ‘Mini Thoughts’ over any other thoughts.
– I came home from work today and I immediately weighed myself.
– I thought for sure that I’d hit 180 pounds for the first time since 1988.
– I actually lost a pound-and-a-half and fell below 175 pounds.
– That’s despite the fact of what I did for Lunch today.
– Me and my coworker buddies raised a ruckus at The Big Cheese Of Homestead.
– That joint was jumpin’ !
Homestead and Florida City is big pimpin’ eatin’ cheese in the ‘hood !
– I selected the whole (foot long) meatball sub.
– That included a trio of ENORMOUS Italian meatballs smothered in mozzarella.
– It was perhaps the tastiest meatball sub that I have eaten in modern history !
– I can’t wait to try those meatballs out on a bed of tender spaghetti.
– I also enjoyed 3 garlic rolls, and the garlic was so heavy and yummy !
– I probably could have eaten a dozen of them – right then and there.
LipitorCHECK !
– I can’t compare The Big Cheese with Mamma Mia Pizza.
– I hope that they both survive and prosper here in the city.
– Want some signs of Autumn here in Florida ?
– How does the upper-50s in the morning sound to you ?
– Well if you want that then travel to Tallahassee next week !
– The upper-60s could reach as far south as the Tampa area.
– I can forecast no better than the lower-70s for inland pockets of our area.
– Just wait a month and then we’ll get in on some of that cool relief as well.
– I’m trying hard to squeeze in a short holiday weekend excursion.
– I’d like to visit the Naples / Fort Myers area for Columbus Day Weekend.
– It would be my first visit over there since Presidents’ Day Weekend of 2008.
– I’d like to check out a rock concert that my friend Casey is putting on.
– It’s Jubilee, Horizons Fall, and Manic Drive.
– Manic Drive headlined that concert of January 20TH 2007 that started it all.
– The next morning I went to church for the first time in over 30 years.
– I hope that I can make it over there.
– Don’t forget that tomorrow night is Disco night here at Studio C.M.D.
– Grab your lava lamps and bring the fondue so that we can kick it like it’s 1979 !
– You won’t regret it pal !
– Until then – check this out !

Bedtime Stories

Life Group was a lot of fun tonight. Patricia was a gracious host, and Venus was a superb leader in our lesson plan for tonight. Tonight’s topic was all about ‘Acts Of Service’ – another one of ‘The Five Love Languages For Singles‘. We talked about those people in our Life who have personally spoken acts of service to us recently, as well as some of the various ways that we see others performing acts of service.

The common denominator to these acts of service was God. Serving Him. When we serve others without regard to whether or not we’ll be paid or served in return – when we serve others as a sheer act of love – when we serve others and feel fantastic while doing so – that’s when we totally serve our Lord Almighty.

There are lots of lost, dazed, confused, and directionless people in this world of ours that have never been served, and have never served others. They look at serving as a job to look down to – as an act of pity. They just don’t know Him.

Jesus served us more than we can ever serve Him. He gave up His Life for us so that we could live. To honour God is to serve Him freely.

Our homework assignment for this week is to perform acts of service for at least three friends this week and then watch as they respond to it.

Next week we’re doing Life Group twice – once on Tuesday night (food, fun, and fellowship at Anne J.’s house), and then our regularly scheduled Wednesday night session. I’m looking forward to it.

Have a peaceful and comfortable Wednesday night everyone, and I Love You Ela. I’ll be talking to God in a few minutes, and I’ll be talking to Him all about you.