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My Top 5 Hits RETRO – 1977

Hello again retro music fans. Every Friday I post the Top 5 of one of my classic hit music charts based on personal preference and influenced by radio airplay from either 15, 25, 30, or 35 years ago this weekend (rotating each week).

It’s the 5TH Friday of the month, so it’s a special, as I go back 45 years ago. Here it is – for the week ending Sunday July 31ST 1977:

  1. “I Just Want To Be Your Everything” – Andy Gibb
  2. “I’m In You” – Peter Frampton
  3. “Looks Like We Made It” – Barry Manilow
  4. “My Heart Belongs To Me” – Barbra Streisand
  5. “Da Doo Ron Ron” – Shaun Cassidy

OK so that’s not my chart from 45 years ago. That’s from the Billboard Hot 100, and Casey Kasem counted them down from coast to coast and around the world on great radio stations during the final half-hour of “American Top 40” that weekend. Back then I was a huge fan of Casey, “AT-40 From Hollywood”, and Billboard Magazine. I was 10-years-old and enjoying the summer before my 5TH grade at Magnolia Elementary School in Lanham Maryland – embedded within my neighborhood at the time. I wanted to be a Top 40 deejay when I grew up, so I studied from the best – Casey Kasem.

1 of those Top 5 songs above is currently in heavy rotation on my iPod Shuffles that play at my desk at my workplace, and that would be #Frampton with his power rock ballad “I’m In You”.

Further down the chart I also have these songs on my iPod Shuffles – “Best Of My Love” – The Emotions (# 6), “Do You Wanna Make Love” – Peter McCann (# 7), “(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher” – Rita Coolidge (# 9), “You And Me” – Alice Cooper (# 11), “Knowing Me, Knowing You” – ABBA (# 14), “Undercover Angel” – Alan O’Day (# 15), “Give A Little Bit” – Supertramp (# 25), “Telephone Line” – Electric Light Orchestra (# 26), and “On And On” – Steven Bishop (# 32).

Now there’s one song that was climbing the Top 40 that weekend that I don’t currently own, but I want, as it’s a great track. It’ll fit perfectly within my daily playlist at work. That song is “Smoke From A Distant Fire” – The Sanford Townsend Band (# 29). I just bought it on iTunes.

1977 was a great year of pop, rock, and YES – even disco music. It was the soundtrack of some fun times with my friends in the Boy Scouts.

Next #RetroFriday I’ll go back 15 years ago to the start of August 2007. It’s when Hawk Nelson sang about suicide in a track titled “Zero”.

It’s halftime my friends. I’ll be back on Sunday and Monday with 2 more blog posts for this weekend. Enjoy your Saturday. Thanks for going retro with me !

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Saturday Night Retro

Saturday October 23RD 2010
Volume 3 / Number 7 / Edition 104

Back during the memorable Summer of 1977 I was a 10-year-old kid roaming my hilly Lanham Maryland neighbourhood streets named after birds such as Red Wing, Wren, Wood Thrush, and Nightingale. I liked to ride my bike up and down the hills. I liked to play down by the creek and in the woods. Me and my friends had our own territory in the woods that we converted into our own private park with the use of rakes. We even had our own park flag with all of our names on it. We kept our park neat and tidy, and we only allowed our closest friends entry into our exclusive area. Those were fun times from my childhood that I’ll remember forever.

No matter how old you are always live your Life to its fullest. There will be unsuspecting bumps and sharp curves along the way that make you feel  uncomfortable, but then there will be those real good times too that you may take for granted until you realize that they are no longer there. Savour those good times as they happen. Enjoy every second of them. You’ll be able to share those memorable experiences for years to come with your children, their children, and your closest friends on this journey of Life.

Music has always played an important role during my lifetime. It reminds me of the good and the bad – the memorable and the forgettable. It’s the soundtrack of my Life at any given point in time. ‘Saturday Night Retro’ gives me an opportunity each weekend to share my Life with you via memories and music.

Back during that fun Summer of 1977 this song shot to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. It’s teen pop idol Shaun Cassidy with his # 1 smash “Da Doo Ron Ron”, and it was playing on the radio as I was playing in the woods:

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The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party

Once upon a time in a decade far far away there lived this dude by the name of Shaun Cassidy. In 1977 when he was a mere 18-years-old he was one of the top music and television stars in the U.S.A. He was one-third of “The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries” on ABC-TV on Sunday nights at 7 PM. He was on the cover of virtually every teen mag at the stores. And he was a teen-pop megastar sensation. He scored 3 TOP 10 gold-certified smash hits in a row that each spent 4 to 6 months in heavy rotation on the radio. This was the 3RD of those 3 hits that were all of the rage on Friday nights at roller discos everywhere. It’s “Hey Deanie” – as performed on “The Mike Douglas Show”.

Hey Suzanne Somers – How ’bout introducing the young cat for us ?

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The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party

It hardly ever snows in Miami, but one time it did – and it made International news headlines. It was the notorious Winter of 1977 – statistically one of the coldest, windiest, snowiest, and most brutal winter seasons in modern recorded history east of the Mississippi River. Below freezing temperatures invaded virtually the entire great state of Florida, and snow dusted the ground deep into South Florida. Flurries were swirling in the air as far south as Miami, Miami Beach, and even Homestead on the morning of the 19TH of January of 1977. Snow mixed with freezing rain was even observed in The Bahamas on that historic morning !

The next day Jimmy Carter was inaugurated as our 39TH President Of The United States on a cold and sunny day in Washington D.C.

High atop the Billboard Hot 100 during both of these momentous events was this gem from British singer-songwriter Leo Sayer. It’s the biggest smash of his still-going 36-year music career, and it’s a Grammy Award winner. Here’s his gold-certified # 1 Disco smash – “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”.