Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– If there’s a body part hangin’ out of every window of a moving vehicle …
– … then you might just be a redneck !
– Are you ready for the rainy season to finally arrive here in America’s Riviera ?
– I think that we will actually see some showers and thunderstorms this weekend.
– Bring us some of that North Texas rain !
– This Saturday is Armed Forces Day – the 60TH anniversary of its creation.
– I salute all of my fellow members of the U.S. military past and present.
– THANK YOU for serving our country around the world.
– Last night I finally saw the 3-hour season finale of “The Celebrity Apprentice“.
– I already knew that Joan Rivers had won.
Larry King blew that secret for me a few days earlier.
– I’ll miss the Trumpster and his crew.
– A new season returns in the Spring of 2010.
– I also saw the first-half of the season finale of “Hell’s Kitchen” last night.
– It all ends tonight at 9 PM on FOX-TV.
– Do not disturb me starting at 9 PM tonight.
– This weekend I just want to sit around at home, chill, and watch TV.
– I haven’t done that in a long time !
– I have some Netflix DVDs to watch as well.
– “Epic Movie” and “Disaster Movie” are two of them.
– I know – The’re cheap and cheesy, but the’re funny.
– A coworker dude brought in a possum in a cage to work today.
– Don’t ask.
– Tomorrow I’ve got your ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’.
– There’s actually been some good blogging this week.
– Someone deserves to win the ‘Major Bloggie Award’.
– Maybe it’s you.
– I appreciate your undivided attention over the past 90 seconds.
– I’ll check you cats out later !