Saturday Night Retro

THIS WEEK I’m taking the ‘Retro’ straight back 25 years ago to the Summer of 1984 – right around my 17TH birthday. I had just finished my Junior year at Langley High School in McLean Virginia.

Here’s a happy me posing in my bedroom next to my brand new AM-FM stereo and cassette player / recorder and record player.

1984 Stereo

Here’s me playing on my very first computer – a Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer 2. My monitor – Channel 3 of our living room TV.

1984 Computer

Here’s me somewhere on a family vacation, and I’m looking out from some type of a tower up above the surrounding land. This could be an amusement park (such as Kings Dominion or Hershey Park).

1984 Tower

… And back in the Summer of 1984 this was one of the hottest game shows on daytime television. It’s still a cult classic to this day.