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My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

It’s the soundtrack of my new Life of the past 41 months. It’s the music set to God’s words. The music comes in all different forms and styles – from dance to pop to rock to hip hop. God utilizes all of these various forms of music to reach those who need to hear His words. During the Summer of 2006 He reached me, and ‘My Fantastic Journey’ began – at the age of 39.

In Red Cloud’s Summer of 2007 Christian Hip Hop radio track “Boulevard Nights” he boldly exclaims out loud “I need You God !”. He’s turned his back on his previous life of gang violence, and he’s accepted God’s wide open arms. He knew that if he had continued to reject God then he would have ended up in jail for the rest of his life, or his life would soon be over. God offered him a totally different opportunity – radical change that he can believe in – and thankfully for him he accepted it. Nowadays Red Cloud is expanding God’s Kingdom by rapping the Good News straight from his Lord and Saviour. It’s in the lyrics:

As long as your heart is still beating it’s not too late to turn around from your life of evil and darkness. You already know how that is going to end. God has a fantastic journey that’s been created especially for you. Give Him a chance. You don’t know what you’re missing. This is a Life that’s worth it all !