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Saturday Night Retro

37 years ago at the end of 1972 I was a 5-year-old Kindergarten student at Magnolia Elementary School in Lanham Maryland.

Magnolia Elementary School, Lanham Maryland

The school was located about a mile away from my grandparents’ house. On most school half-days my Granddad would drop me off at school just after 12 noon and then pick me back up again 3 hours later. That was back in the days when you could attend any school that you wanted to no matter where you lived. I actually lived about 20 to 30 minutes away in Bowie Maryland. Later in the afternoon after getting off of work in NW Washington D.C. my Dad would pick me up from his parents’ house in this car:

Late in the afternoon as we drove southeastward from Lanham to Bowie along U.S. Route 50 (John Hanson Highway) we’d listen to WWDC AM-1260 as the TOP 40 hits were cranked out one after another. This was one of the top hits at the time at the end of 1972. It’s legendary British singer-songwriter Albert Hammond. He’s currently celebrating his 50TH anniversary in music, but back then he was enjoying a successful career as an International performance artist. Here’s “It Never Rains In Southern California” – his biggest hit as a singer ever – and one of the greatest pop radio tunes of my early childhood !

That’s ‘Saturday Night Retro’ for this week, and we’ll go back in time again – from the late-1990s – next Saturday night.

This concludes an awesome week of blogging. I’m taking Sundays and Mondays off from now on, so be sure to check back here on Tuesday night as we kick-off an all-new week of all of your favourite blog series. See ya then !

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The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party

What can I say about one of the most prolific disco acts of the era – K.C. & The Sunshine Band. Led by Miami born and bred Harry Wayne ‘K.C.’ Casey he and his ‘Sunshine Band’ cranked out numerous Disco hits over a 4-year time-span starting in 1975. If you’re my age or older then you probably remember dancing to “Get Down Tonight”, “That’s The Way”, “Shake Your Booty”, “I’m Your Boogie Man”, “Keep It Comin’ Love”, and “Boogie Shoes”. They are bonafide certified Disco smash hits that surely defined the era that was.

In honor of his 59TH birthday this Sunday here’s K.C. and his Florida Sunshine Band with one of their # 1 Disco smash hits:

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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– Let’s get spontaneous.
– Can we talk here ?
– For the past week I’ve been riding around in a nice new shiny red Mustang !
– If I had a dream car then that would be it – aside from the color.
– I drove around Homestead in a red car for 8 years from 1989 to 1997.
– It went from shiny red to faded red during those 8 years.
– The Ford Mustang was actually the rental car of my best friend.
– He’s turning it back in tomorrow morning.
– I’ll never see it again.
– I guess that I’ll just have to buy my very own Ford Mustang.
– But it won’t be a shiny red one.
– Maybe a bluish-silver one.
– That seems like it would be a cool color to ride around in.
– I should visit my local Ford dealership one of these days and look around.
– I’m watching Jay Leno on Oprah right now.
– I’m with ‘Team Jay’.
– I’ve been watching him ever since he took over for Johnny Carson in 1992.
– There are a lot of Jay Leno haters lurking all over the Internet.
– I never ‘got’ Conan O’Brien, but I’m not a hater.
– I’ll be returning to “The Tonight Show” to see Jay back where he belongs.
– Yesterday’s edition of ‘My Fantastic Journey’ was quite emotional for me.
– It was inspired by a praise report that I recently received via E-Mail.
– If my blog saves a life and brings someone to God then it’s all worth it.
– I believe that my blog has saved at least 4 lives – probably more.
– The fact that my written words led someone to God brings me tears of joy.
– I’m not a very good speaker, but I’m working on that issue.
– My skill has always been in my writing.
– God wants us to use our skills to change the world and make it better.
– I can only hope that my blogging ministry here impresses God.
– I have come to a decision regarding my future blogging schedule.
– For the first time since 2007 I will no longer do a new blog every day.
– I’m reducing down to a 5-day-a-week schedule effective immediately.
– It’ll be a Tuesday through Saturday blogging schedule.
– I will produce no new blog entries on Sundays and Mondays.
– That will free up some time to concentrate on some other projects.
– All of the popular Tuesday through Saturday blog entries will continue on.
– That means a full slate of ‘Retro’ every Saturday night.
– This Saturday night it’s a moldie-oldie from 1972.
– It’s a song that boldly declares that “It Never Rains In Southern California”.
– But before that get ready to dance to K.C. & The Sunshine Band.
– That’s tomorrow night on my ‘Disco Party’.
– Be sure to be there for the fun that just won’t stop until we reach the top !
– You won’t regret it pal.

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My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

This week on ‘My Fantastic Journey’ it’s the latest rock hit from Switchfoot. It’s about a dude who finally acknowledges and admits the fact that he’s made a mess of himself, and he’s got nobody to blame but himself.

I made a mess of me – I wanna get back the rest of me
I’ve made a mess of me – I wanna spend the rest of my life alive
I’ve made a mess of me – I wanna reverse this tragedy
I’ve made a mess of me – I wanna spend the rest of my life alive
The rest of my life alive !

Sometimes you’ve got to hit rock bottom before you finally realize that you can’t live this life all by yourself. When the world around you fails you, and isn’t there for you to pick you up from the throes of evil and darkness let it be known that there is One Supreme Being that is there for you always and forever. He’s God, and He will always have His arms wide open for you. You’ve just got to reach out to Him and grab a hold of Him. You’ve got to believe in Him, trust in Him, and follow Him. He is the only solution to your mess – your tragedy. He is the only One who can restore you to the beautiful creation that He created. Go forth. Go to God. Be alive with Him. Your life depends on Him.

It’s in the lyrics: