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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– Let’s get spontaneous.
– Can we talk here ?
– My work weekend has arrived – 24 hours early.
– That’s because I’m taking the day off tomorrow.
– But it will be a super busy day off.
– First up on the agenda – Starbucks.
– Then after that I’m gettin’ a haircut at the legendary Woody’s Barber Shop.
– I’m starting to look like this mad crazy nerd again:

Albert Einstein

– I can’t have that on my upcoming Carnival cruise.
– My hair is gonna be blowin’ in the sea wind, so it needs to be real short.
– After I get my ‘hair done’ it’s off to to see my Doctor for a follow-up.
– Then it’s off to the upper-middle-class Miami suburb of Doral.
– I’ve got an appointment with a mortgage loan specialist up there.
– It’s time to sign my name at least a dozen times for my 2ND home.
– Hopefully everything goes just fine with that.
– I think that I’m bringing more than enough paperwork with me.
– Memo To Self: Bring my checkbook with me.
– After all of that I plan to eat Lu-Dinner at Fuddruckers in Doral.
– I was a regular at Fuddruckers in Kendall for nearly 20 years.
– I was shocked when they went out of business a couple of years ago.
– But now there’s a Fuddies on SW 107TH Ave. near the Dolphin Mall.
– I’ve never been there before, so I can’t wait to check out the joint.
– After a long and busy day out and about I’ll be heading back home.
– It’s another ‘Moldie-Oldie Music Weekend’ here on the groovy blog.
– Tomorrow’s Disco smash is “Fly, Robin, Fly” from Silver Convention.
– On the ‘Retro’ this Sat. night it’s a 1997 Techno smash from Fatboy Slim.
– This weekend I start major league packing for my upcoming vacation.
– It’ll take me the next 8 days to pack up for it.
– Get ready for two cold mornings in a row on Sunday and Monday.
– We’ll have wind chills deep down into the 40s on both mornings.
– For the Super Bowl it’ll be chilly with temps. dropping fast into the 50s.
– One thing is certain – there will be absolutely no rain in sight for the game.
– Enjoy your weekend my friends, and make it a very special one.
– I’ll see you back here on Friday and Saturday for ‘Disco’ and ‘Retro’.