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TBN Shows

I’m relatively new with TBN. It’s been around for 45 years, but I’ve only been a viewer for the past couple of years. I started watching because of the classic (30-minute edition) Billy Graham Crusades on Saturday nights (now Saturday afternoons at 5 PM ET).

Nowadays I watch (or DVR) Billy Graham, Mike Huckabee, Mike Rowe, and Bobby Schuller on Saturday nights, Mark Batterson on Monday nights, and Steven Furtick and Dave Stotts (“Drive-Thru History”) on Wednesday nights.

Some observations:

  • I love watching (and learning from) classic Billy Graham. I tell my church family that I met Billy Graham for the first time when he was in his late-90s and I was in my late-40s – not in-person, but on TV. He’s my TV Pastor. I will visit his library in Charlotte one of these years.
  • I want to visit the greater Nashville area and attend a taping of “Huckabee”. His show is a lot of fun. It’s where politics, comedy, and variety meet. It’s really an upgrade over his previous Fox News Channel show on Saturday nights. He was always my first choice as a Presidential candidate.
  • I want to visit Southern California (for the first time ever) and attend a Sunday morning church service led by Pastor Bobby Schuller. I like his simple preaching style. My preaching style is similar to his, but my material is closer to that of my TV Pastor Billy Graham.
  • Pastor Steven Furtick (out of Charlotte) can be annoying at times – especially when he starts yelling – but I’ve noticed myself picking-up some of his unique mannerisms as well – minus the yelling. I’m not a yelling preacher. Sometimes I raise my voice for effect though. (Everyone say “effect”.)
  • Finally there’s Dave Stotts. This guy is very intelligent, and he knows the Bible. He’s also amusing and sometimes downright hilarious on his travel show through the modern-day Holy Land. I just want to hang out and go on a road-trip with him and laugh and learn.

Anyone on TBN you like to watch ?  Let me know !