My 29 States


These are the 29 states that I’ve visited during my lifetime of 51 years. I’ve done pretty good from Texas to New York !

Arkansas was my 29TH state in September of 2016 when I drove north from Louisiana along I-49 into Texarkana (and then into Texas).

There’s a small possibility that I may have visited a 30TH state – New Jersey – either as a little kid (as part of a school field trip to Philadelphia), or upon returning home from Desert Storm in March of 1991. (I just can’t remember.)

North and west of Texas is mostly uncharted territory for me – aside from Arizona (Hoover Dam and the northern rim of the Grand Canyon), Nevada (Las Vegas 3 times from 2002 to 2005), and Hawaii (March of 2006 as part of a cruise).

Before my time is done here on Earth I’d like to claim all 50 states. I think the state that I’d like to visit more than any other right now is Maine. I actually have two friends who live in Maine who once lived here in Homestead Florida !