Waffle House


We’re getting our very own Waffle House here in my neighborhood – about a mile from my home. This is a photo that I took of it under construction on December 30TH 2018 from across the street at Applebee’s. I glanced over there, and I saw it for the very first time. I had no idea that it was over there until that precise moment.

5½ weeks later it may or may not be open now. I should drive-by to find out for myself.

Waffle House is actually brand new to Miami-Dade County. The very first one opened just last Summer some 50 miles up the road at the north end of the county. There’s also one 30 miles down the road in Key Largo. I’ve only been to Waffle House once in my life – and it was the Key Largo location maybe 6 to 8 years ago.

I’m looking forward to this location close to home. I’ll have to study their menu online to see how I want my hash browns, but it’ll probably be covered and perhaps even diced.

The Lunch and Dinner menu looks good too !  I could become a regular.

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