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Venice Florida


This is Venice Florida. I’ve never been there before, but in about 2½ months I’ll arrive and explore this quaint seaside city of about 23,000.

Every couple of years or so – generally before Spring Break (February) – or after Spring Break and before Summer Vacation (late-April / early-May) – I visit a new city in Florida that I’ve never been to before – or haven’t been to in many years. I’ve lived here for over 31 of my nearly 52 years, and there are large chunks of Florida that I’ve never seen before. In 2017 it was Lakeland / Bartow (east of Tampa). In 2016 – Saint Augustine (south of Jacksonville).

So this year it’s Venice – “The Shark Tooth Capital Of The World”. I’ll do a lot of walking – walking along the sandy surf of the Gulf Of Mexico, walking up and down Venice Avenue to and from the historic downtown district, and walking into restaurants I’ve never heard of before to enjoy some fine foods (probably Italian).

I’ll take a lot of pictures too, and many of them will ultimately end up on my Flickr Photostream. That reminds me – my Flickr has been very active lately with new photos being added almost daily. You can check out the last 5 photos added right here at, or you can check out my full Flickr Photostream.

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