Waffle House


We’re getting our very own Waffle House here in my neighborhood – about a mile from my home. This is a photo that I took of it under construction on December 30TH 2018 from across the street at Applebee’s. I glanced over there, and I saw it for the very first time. I had no idea that it was over there until that precise moment.

5½ weeks later it may or may not be open now. I should drive-by to find out for myself.

Waffle House is actually brand new to Miami-Dade County. The very first one opened just last Summer some 50 miles up the road at the north end of the county. There’s also one 30 miles down the road in Key Largo. I’ve only been to Waffle House once in my life – and it was the Key Largo location maybe 6 to 8 years ago.

I’m looking forward to this location close to home. I’ll have to study their menu online to see how I want my hash browns, but it’ll probably be covered and perhaps even diced.

The Lunch and Dinner menu looks good too !  I could become a regular.

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The Major’s Top 10 Hits – Week 103

Every Monday night I post my all-new Top 10 Christian hit music chart based on personal preference and influenced by radio airplay. Here it is – for the week ending Sunday February 03RD 2019:

  1. “Nobody Loves Me Like You” – Chris Tomlin [# 1 last week / 14TH week on chart]
  2. “Maybe It’s OK” – We Are Messengers [2 / 10TH]
  3. “Best News Ever” – MercyMe [5 / 7TH]
  4. “Even Then” – Micah Tyler [3 / 25TH]
  5. “Red Letters” – Crowder [4 / 7TH]
  6. “Forever On Your Side” – NeedToBreathe [6 / 6TH]
  7. “Known” – Tauren Wells [9 / 26TH]
  8. “Well Done” – The Afters [7 / 16TH]
  9. “God Only Knows” – for King & Country [- / 1ST]
  10. “Never Alone” – Tori Kelly & Kirk Franklin [- / 1ST]

# 1 One Year Ago This Week:
“Gracefully Broken” – Matt Redman Ft. Tasha Cobbs Leonard

No new entries last week for the unpublished chart during my hiatus, and two new entries this week. “God Only Knows” is sort of a surprise follow-up radio single to “joy” for Joel & Luke. I was actually expecting it to be the title track of their new album “Burn The Ships” (which I really like). Maybe it’ll be the next radio single later on in 2019.

One of the many highlights of my trip in the Caribbean last week was walking in to Rusty Fish at the West End of Roatán Honduras, and hearing Christian hit music blaring loud and proud all throughout the store – specifically Jordan Feliz. It put a big smile on my face. Check out their web site to see their mission to save the world in multiple ways.


This concludes another weekend of blog posts. I’ll do it again next weekend – 4 blog posts on Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday. I don’t blog on Saturdays. That’s my day of rest.

Your likes, follows, and comments are always appreciated. Thank You for being part of my online ministry to share God’s Good News and win souls for Christ through His music. Enjoy this week my friends. I’m on Twitter @ChrisMDay, and I’m also the man behind the tweets for my church @LivingWatersHFL. May God bless you – always and forever.

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Sunday Scripture

I am back in the U.S.A., back in South Florida, back at home, back with my church family this morning, and back on social media. My regularly-scheduled Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday blogs are back in business. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, so let’s blog together.

It was a quick turnaround from vacation time for me. Upon receiving a cell phone signal for the first time in 7 days I received a message via Messenger early on Saturday morning (4 AM) asking if I could preach this Sunday. Of course I can !

Preach the Word of God. Be prepared – whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching. (2 Timothy 4:2 NLT)

Today I preached a brand new sermon that I wrote in the days and weeks leading-up to my vacation. It’s a sermon all about Communion – its importance, and why we do it.

In remembrance of Him.

I preached mostly from Romans (3:25-26, 5:6-11, 6:11).

We are dead to the power of sin, and alive to God through Christ Jesus. (Romans 6:11),

and because of this connection – this Communion with Christ – we will be spared from God’s wrath on the last day.

When Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world – we will share in all His glory. (Colossians 3:4)

The early church observed and celebrated Jesus by taking Communion – often. They realized that every time they gathered around a table to eat and drink in fellowship – in Communion with each other – it was a time to recognize Jesus, and thank God for all that He has done.

The same is true 2,000 years later. We observe and celebrate Jesus by taking Communion. It’s a time set aside – once a month – for us to pause, reflect, and recognize Jesus corporately – as a connected and united church body in fellowship – and thank God for all that He has done for us.

It’s a glorious and intimate moment in Communion with God. This must never become mundane, or a ritual, or an obligation. This is a celebration of death becoming life – forever.

In remembrance of Him.

We observed and celebrated Communion towards the end of my message.

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