Me & My Nieces

Happy Thursday my friends !  Let’s kickoff a fresh new weekend of blogging.

Chris – We don’t see enough pictures of you on your own blog !

That’s true, and you won’t find many pictures of me on my Flickr either because all of those photos are marked as private along with all photos of my family (immediate and extended).

Every so often I’ll tweet a photo of me. I’ve never been able to perfect the “selfie”, so any photo of me was taken by someone else.

So here’s a rare online photo of me and my nieces. This was taken last April (2018) here in South Florida in front of the Miami Seaquarium before we entered the park for a day of fun with the aquatic animals. I absolutely love this photo. It’s one of the best ones of me recently, and my nieces are extra lovable and huggable in it. That’s “Petite” next to me. She was almost 5 then. Next to her is “Tiny”. She had just turned 8 then. Oh yeah – and I was almost 51. We look good !

Chris, Peyton, & Taylor

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