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The Major’s Walk-A-Thon

Date: Saturday January 25TH 2020
Time (EST): 7:07 AM – 7:50 AM
Sunrise (EST): 7:07 AM
Location: Homestead Florida
Sky: Mostly Sunny
Temperature: 64°F / 18°C
Dewpoint: 63°F / 17°C
Relative Humidity: 96% Falling
Winds: N 3 MPH
Barometric Pressure: 30.03″ Rising

It took me 7 weeks to get back out on that asphalt track at the city park down the road from my neighborhood, but I finally did it with near ideal weather conditions. This was my 2ND power-walk of Season 13, and I’m actually behind last season’s pace which was my worst performance since Season 7. Hopefully we get more cool and dry Saturday mornings at dawn like this one so that I can get to steppin’.

This was a 2.42-mile power-walk in 43 minutes and 9 seconds. That’s a pace of 17 minutes and 51 seconds per mile. (I walked 3.36 MPH.) It was a little bit shorter than my average power-walk. The track that I walk on is about 0.47 miles around. I did 5 laps. A 6TH lap would have gotten me to right around my overall average of just under 3 miles. I’ll try for that 6TH lap next Saturday morning at dawn.

Some Fitbit heart rate stats – 31 out of 43 minutes in “peak”; 8 out of 43 minutes in “cardio”; 164 BPM at peak; 148 BPM on average.

Walk-A-Thon 13-2

That’s a photo of the eastern sky at 7:09 AM – 2 minutes after sunrise.

As I walk I pray for good health, and for the safety and security of my fellow walkers on the track, my neighborhood, and my city and the surrounding area.

These 13 songs randomly played on my iPod Shuffle as I walked. They represent the soundtrack of my life – past before Christ – and present in Christ.

7:07 AM – “Bad Blood” – Neil Sedaka
7:09 AM – “Butterfly (Come And Dance With Me)” – Crazy Town
7:12 AM – “Unskinny Bop” – Poison
7:16 AM – “Let It Ride” – Bachman-Turner Overdrive
7:21 AM – “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” – Stellar Kart
7:24 AM – “Every Time You Run” – Manafest Ft. Trevor McNevan
7:28 AM – “Lay, Lady, Lay” – Bob Dylan
7:31 AM – “Walking On Broken Glass” – Annie Lennox
7:35 AM – “Sister Golden Hair” – America
7:39 AM – “Hypnotize” – The Notorious B.I.G.
7:42 AM – “Joyride” – Roxette
7:47 AM – “Respectable” – Mel & Kim
7:50 AM – “Call It Love” – Poco

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