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Calendar Of Events

Greetings my friends. It’s Thursday August 20TH 2020, and it’s the start of another fresh new weekend of blogging. On this day I observe my 14TH anniversary on this fantastic journey. My salvation in Christ began on this date in 2006. This blog was created about 9 months later on Myspace. I wish I still had access to those old blog posts on Myspace. I wrote some good stuff about God’s Good News during those 6 months before WordPress.

This weekend is the 28TH anniversary of the short (2-day) lead-up and instant destruction of my city and surrounding area caused by Hurricane Andrew. It changed my life and career forever, but it also brought me back here to Homestead 19 months later. I don’t like talking or writing about Hurricane Andrew. It was the scariest night of my life. I’d rather not relive it again.

Labor Day is our next holiday here in the U.S. It’s 2½ weeks away. It’s the unofficial end of summer. I’m looking forward to seeing what Autumn has in store. I know that Football season begins soon after Labor Day. It’ll be weird watching football games on TV without anyone in the stands. It’ll also be weird cheering-on my Washington Football Team.

September is traditionally my 2ND-favorite month of the year – because of the start of the NFL season – and also because I get to visit my family in North Texas !

Last weekend I received notice that my upcoming Casting Crowns / Matthew West concert – originally scheduled for April 09TH 2020 – and then rescheduled for October 29TH 2020 – has been rescheduled yet again for March 25TH 2021. It’s on my calendar of events !

Hopefully we return to a more normal world in 2021.

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