Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

1.  I receive a lot of junk mail in my old-fashioned traditional mailbox. I wish there was a way where we could select which specific stores we would like to receive weekly advertisements for, and then only receive junk mail from them. But then I guess that it wouldn’t really be ‘junk’ mail, but rather ‘want’ mail. I receive weekly ads from Winn-Dixie, Sedano’s, and Diaz Supermarket (among others). I don’t shop at any of these fine grocery stores. I do shop at Publix, and I think that I would actually pay a small fee just to receive their weekly ad in the mail.

2.  It’s ‘The Major’s Lunch-A-Thon’. This past Sunday I ate at Longhorn Steakhouse. On Monday I ate at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s. Today I ate at Olive Garden. The tour de force of fine dining establishments in and around Homestead continues on Wednesday and Thursday before I head out-of-town on Friday. Lunch – It does a Chris good !

3.  ‘For Crying Out Loud !’ – Where does that phrase actually come from anyway ?  It’s a phrase that some people utilize in lieu of cussing – particularly when the’re astonished and can’t believe their eyes. I don’t think that I’ve ever uttered that phrase intentionally or otherwise. I suppose it’s a phrase (like many others) that’s probably inherited from generation to generation within the family. Incidentally how can you not ‘believe your eyes’ ?  Have your eyes ever lied to you ?  Well maybe after drinking !

4.  I filled up my car with gas this afternoon on my way home from work. I’ll be doing it again this Friday morning up near Orlando along Florida’s Turnpike. And then I’ll do it again about 5 hours later up in the northwestern panhandle of Florida along I-10. And then I’ll probably do it again another 5 hours after that at my first pit stop on my road trip. The adventure begins in less than 60 hours !

5.  The weather should be nice and seasonal on my way to the Dallas Texas area this Friday and Saturday with temperatures within a rather narrow range on both days – pretty much mid-60s to mid-70s on Friday and low-50s to mid-60s on Saturday – so neither cold nor hot. I should be able to maximize my gas mileage during my trip there by not using the A.C. We’ll see.

Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– It’s been a dark and gloomy day thus far here in America’s Riviera.
– One-third to two-thirds of an inch of rain has already fallen.
– It’s because of a cold front that’s currently draped over us.
– On the other side of the cold front it’ll be sunny, windy, cool, and dry.
– We could actually see wind gusts in excess of 35 MPH this weekend !
– Hold on to your wigs and keys !
– As you probably know by now I’ve been sick at home with a bad cold.
– I haven’t gone outside since I came inside from work on Tuesday afternoon.
– After a lot of laying and sleeping around I am now vertical and upright.
– I am on the slow road to recovery.
– I don’t expect to be 100% fully recovered until perhaps Sunday night.
– I hope to venture out later today to take the trash out and check the mail.
– This is the weekend of our big air show at the air base.
– It’s our first air show since the Spring of 1992.
– Check out all of the news that you can use at wingsoverhomestead.com.
– Yes – The USAF Thunderbirds will be there putting on a show.
– At the same time as the air show it’s the Miami-Dade Parks Ribfest 2009.
– See Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and Blue Oyster Cult LIVE in concert !
– There’s a lot to do and see right here in Homestead this weekend.
– Go check them out and support our local businesses down here.
– You won’t regret it pal.

The Major’s Friday Night Disco Party

My dear friend Ela O. always looks forward to Friday nights here on the big blue bell-bottom blog. It’s her chance to reminisce about the good old days – back when she and her young husband totally ruled the disco scene some 3o to 35 years ago.

Before we reach this week’s selection – how about a word from our sponsour:

That’s ’20 Top Hits’ by 20 fake artists !  Order before Midnight tonight !

Good stuff there – but check this out. Back during the long and hot Summer of 1974 a little group that you may have heard of – The Commodores – made their U.S. pop chart debut with a BANG !  It was actually an all instrumental jam that totally kicked-it on the funky disco ’round. Check out a young 25-year-old Lionel Richie – afro and all. Also pay attention to the clavinet work. It sounds like a rapid fire “Machine Gun” !

Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

It’s Tuesday night, so you know what that means. Here’s what I’m thinking:

1.  I got home from work just a few minutes before 4 PM this afternoon. It was an extra treacherous drive home. If I wasn’t such a superiour driver then I would’ve been involved in at least a half a dozen collisions and in a hospital bed by now. This afternoon’s drive had it all – out-of-control speeders, people stopping all of a sudden with no turn signal, tailgaters replacing tailgaters, slowpokes replacing slowpokes, and even several dozen police cars speeding eastbound on SW 288TH Street with lights and sirens on (heading to a funeral – I’m guessing). I’m glad that I’m off the streets now. It’s MURDER out there !  😯

2.  It’s hard to believe that this wild and crazy year known as 2009 is officially half over tonight. We’ll be celebrating New Year’s Eve 2010 in exactly 6 months. If the second half of the year is as rambunctious as the first half was then hold on to your wigs and your keys because it’s gonna be a rollercoaster ride !

3.  Dude I totally dig this billboard alongside the Federal Highway:

Life Pointe Church Billboard

4.  We lost television legend Ed McMahon last Tuesday morning. Ed was the epitome of loyalty to Johnny Carson – his TV boss of 35 years and personal friend of nearly 50 years. I watched Ed on TV for virtually all of my life. One of my favourite shows that he hosted during much of the 1980s with one of his other legendary TV sidekicks – Dick Clark – was NBC’s “TV’s Bloopers & Practical Jokes”. It was one of the funniest hours on television back in its day. Thank You Ed for all of the laughs. 

5.  We also lost Billy Mays early on Sunday morning at the age of 50. He’s known as television’s greatest pitchman. Infomercials will never be the same again without him. I would occasionally watch his infomercials and standard-length commercials on TV just to watch him perform his skill. He was the best at his trade.

6.  We also lost Gale Storm this past weekend at the age of 87. She was a very popular movie actress during much of the 1940s, and then she moved on over to television during the 1950s to star in back-to-back sitcoms “My Little Margie” and “The Gale Storm Show”. Am I the only one who remembers her ?

Glenn Beck’s Common Sense Tour Live

I’ll be there.

Saturday Night Retro

TODAY I flew on an airplane from Fort-Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It was the umpteenth time that I flew anywhere. (I actually don’t keep track of all of my airline flights via an EXCEL spreadsheet.) I’ve lost track of my flying over the past 23½ years. I’ve flown first class once or twice (wasn’t too impressed), and I’ve flown most of the major airlines that are still in business today. Flying is not as fun as it used to be (prior to September 11TH 2001). This morning I left my home at precisely 6:30 AM to get to the off-site parking area at the airport by 7:30 AM to get to the terminal by 7:45 AM to check-in, get through security, and get to my gate prior to boarding at 9 AM and departure from the gate at 9:30 AM. And then there’s the 3-hour flight. It basically took longer to get from my home in Homestead to the aircraft at the airport than it did to actually fly that aircraft more than halfway across the country !

Check out this classic 60-second television commercial for the legendary Eastern Airlines of the way things used to be. Compare our baggage handlers of today with those depicted from the 1970s.

Before I turned 18-years-old and moved away from home to join the circus USAF I recall flying only twice in my life – twice to and from Bermuda on summertime vacations as a little kid during the mid-1970s. I recall Bermuda to be a fun little place out in the middle of the Atlantic – sort of a hybrid between a Caribbean nation further south and the United Kingdom further east. I wish to go back there one of these years to check it out all over again for the first time in over 30 years.

And now Ladies And Gentlemen – IT’S GO-GO TIME !  Let’s kick it old school !

Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

Let’s do it:

1.  It feels like a Monday for me because I took a 3-day weekend from work (to include Monday). I had so much fun setting up and personalizing my sparkling new desktop computer system on Saturday and Sunday that I spent Monday catching up on everything else that I would have normally done during the previous two days. I got it all done and then some on Monday !  I was proud of myself when I went to sleep.

2.  After over 15 years with State Farm I saved over 24% by switching my auto insurance to GEICO yesterday. Back in February I compared State Farm with GEICO, and had I made the switch back then I would have saved a mere 9%. It wasn’t worth the time and the trouble to switch. But a more than a 24% savings is definitely worth it !

3.  The MASSIVE political ads continue to inundate and stuff my (old-fashioned) mailbox. I’m actually taking the time to glance over all of the fancy and glossy literature, but the joke is on them. I’m not voting in the Primaries – not even via absentee ballot.

4.  A closed door that you can not open due to the fact that it is locked shut and you don’t have a key for it, or there is another impeding factour (such as a person who won’t let you in) is very symbolic of ‘The End’. You can’t go any further. You can’t proceed. Progress is halted. STOP !  It’s certainly not a positive symbol – especially if you are on a fantastic journey. Before I was saved by Jesus I regularly hit closed doors in my life – literally, figuratively, and symbolically. Nowadays (in my new Life) I don’t encounter too many closed doors. I am simply more aware of the ones that I need to stay away from. But when I do reach a closed door on this journey it is far more painful than it ever was in my previous life. Sometimes what isn’t that big of a deal to one person may actually be a closed door to another person. There should never be a closed door between me or you – and God.

5.  Back in November 2007 a Canadian Dollar was worth more than U.S. $1.08. Today it was only worth U.S. $0.94. The British Pound has dropped from above U.S. $2.10 to below U.S. $1.90. The European Euro was flirting with U.S. $1.60 as recently as the start of July 2008. Now it’s down to nearly U.S. $1.49 !  Our U.S. Dollar is making a substantial comeback. That’s allowing oil prices and ultimately gas prices to drop.

6.  The last time I went through the Starbucks (in Homestead) drive-thru I received exceptional customer service. That’s a good thing because they had already received two strikes in a row from me, and had they received a third strike in a row I would have initiated a temporary boycott of the joint. A boycott of Starbucks is something that I’m not sure that I’m ready for yet.

7.  I got a haircut at the legendary Woody’s Barber Shop yesterday. I always feel clean and refreshed after I get my mop cut. Believe it or not I actually don’t keep track of when I get a haircut via an Excel Spreadsheet. There’s no point to it. If my hair blows around in the wind then it’s time to get a haircut.

8.  If HP wanted to do a television commercial right here in my living room then all they would have to do is simply film me sitting down here at my computer workstation using all of their fine products.

9.  I have an HP printer-scanner-copier all-in-one device now. I bought it at Office Depot yesterday. Those two pictures of Barney and Fluffy that I posted on the blog last night were the first two that I scanned (as a test). I’m gonna look around for some more classic pictures. Maybe I’ll find one of me from my U.K. days some 23 years ago. You can see what I looked like as a goofy 18-year-old !

10.  My credit card company just raised my credit limit by a tad. They must’ve seen how much money I spent this past weekend !  😯

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