The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club

TODAY I managed to sneak out of the office at my normal Lunch hour, and I made it all the way to the Peking House aqui en Homestead. As you know it’s Homestead’s finest place for Chinese Food, Fun, Fights (from the kitchen), Music, and Broken English. It’s the type of place where as soon as I open the front door they pretty much acknowledge my presence, tell me ‘Anywhere’ (pointing to the entire restaurant – anywhere that I wish to sit), and watch as I immediately proceed to fill-up my plate at the all-you-can-eat buffet (or as I like to say it – ‘boo-fay’). 

This week’s ‘Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week’ for all of you bonafide club members worldwide is actually a repeat. You see apparently the Writer’s Guild Of America strike has actually affected fortune cookie messages. I got this one back on Monday July 30TH 2007 up the road at China Garden in beautiful Naranja Lakes:

‘If it seems the fates are against you today, they probably are.’

There are no fates against me today. I woke up at precisely 5 AM, and I had a peaceful day at work. Of course there are still another 6½ hours to go before this day ends for me.


Electronics, Money, & Steak

I’ve recently heard rumours of a Best Buy under construction in Florida City, and now I’m pretty confident that those rumours can in fact be confirmed as true.

Ground breaking is well under way between U.S. 1 and Krome Avenue at SW 336TH Street (just north of the new Largo Honda) for a 100,000 square foot shopping center that will include Best Buy (anchor), Bank Of America (outparcel), and Longhorn Steak House (outparcel).

Sometime in 2008 we will no longer have to drive up to Cutler Bay to browse and purchase state-of-the-art electronics, or way up to far West Kendall to eat a delicious steak and potatoes meal. We will be able to do it right here in our own neighbourhood !


Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

1.  This morning I woke up, I looked at my alarm clock, and it read ‘6:06’. That may seem early to you, but at ‘6:06’ I’m supposed to be sitting at my desk at work. Oops. I ended up getting to my office just before 7 AM, and I was still the 1ST person in my office to arrive for duty and the 3RD or 4TH person in my entire building to arrive. Tomorrow morning I actually plan to wake up when my alarm clock tells me to wake up (at 5 AM) via its annoying beep-beep-beep-beep-beep …

2.  Stouffer’s makes wonderful frozen ‘classic meals’. I especially adore their Veal Parmigiana – ‘breaded veal patty topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese with spaghetti’. It’s what’s for dinner. In fact it’s what I was eating as I typed the first ‘Grab Bag O’ Thought’ above.

3.  It’s politically correct to state that you support our military troops serving and fighting for us on our behalf in a foreign country. Most Americans publicly state it, but I don’t think that they really mean it. I mean it when I state that I support our troops – and their mission – and their Commander-In-Chief.

4.  I’m nowhere near recovering from my month-full of vacations. I’m leaving behind abundant work to do at work as well as at home every time I leave one to go to the other.

5.  I was supposed to get a Woody’s style haircut today during the Lunch hour. It didn’t happen. I was too busy at work. My mop top will just have to wait until tomorrow – or the next day – or the day after that.

6.  My skin adores the near-constant high humidity of South Florida. By the time I had left cold and dry Dallas Texas my hands were rough, dry, chapped, wrinkled, red, and practically bleeding. They are now soft and tan again. Thank You Suave Cocoa Butter With Shea Moisturizer !

7.  The best things in my bathroom are greenIrish Spring, Right Guard, Plax, and Act.

8.  I have an appointment at the hot new Starbucks in Florida City this Saturday morning. I need to check out the joint for myself – and study the menu for about 15 minutes. I’m sure that there’s something that’s even tastier than their White Chocolate Mocha.

9.  iNeed iPod. My iPod Shuffle is crammed solid with 229 hits on it. I’m buying an iPod Classic. My brother and his wife got me an Apple gift card for Christmas for this very worthy cause. They also got me a separate gift card to purchase more iTunes. iAppreciate !

10.  I actually hope that the Writer’s Guild Of America strike lingers on for awhile. It will give me time to catch-up on several hundred hours of television shows that I’ve recorded on tape in 2007 (and 2006) but haven’t seen yet.


Funny Restaurant Name Files

I’m giving a free plug to a Chinese Restaurant just up the road in Cutler Bay Florida because of its hilarious name alone that instantly made me crack-up severely.

Mixed in with my bundle of junk mail today was a full-colour full-page advertisement for the (get ready for this one) ‘Takee Outee’ restaurant. I am not making this up !

Click on this hyperlink for actual proof: