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The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club

Loyal blog fan Ela recently filed an informal complaint with ‘The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club’ Board Of Directors stating that this week’s earlier fortune cookie message was essentially null and void due to the fact that it came from a web site (gasp !) rather than from an actual fortune cookie that was received by me in an actual Chinese restaurant.

Point well taken. Lesson learned.

TODAY was a do-over. I ate Lunch at Homestead’s finest place for gourmet Chinese food – wok-cooked and served fast. I’m referring of course to the Panda Express.

OK club members. Here’s the real deal for this week. It’s an actual fortune cookie message from an actual fortune cookie that I ate at the conclusion of my delicious meal today.

‘Through greater effort and hard work a precious dream comes true.’

Well actually my precious dream is my current Life, and it didn’t require much effort or hard work to get here. All I had to do was to wake up, be born again, and there He was – patiently waiting for me after all of these years. He guided me onto this fantastic journey, told me to face forward, and follow Him. I did. I do. It just keeps getting better !


Casavana Cuban Cuisine: Revisited

Casavana recently got a nice write-up within the ‘Business Monday’ section of The Miami Herald, and I am proud to mention it here on my blog as a nice way to support the new restaurant, my rapidly growing hometown, and this hot blog.

My initial December 01ST 2007 blog entry on Casavana is the most popular single-entry blog entry in the short history of this blog with new views daily ever since then. The search engines are going crazy sending web traffic to this blog in response to those who are in need of more information about this place.

I’ve heard so many rave reviews about it, and I am so determined to get there myself to experience the fine cuisine and then write my own rave review of it.

Someone wanted directions to Casavana from up north, so here you go. Take Florida’s Turnpike south to Exit 2 (Campbell Drive). Bear right onto Campbell Drive. Pass underneath the Turnpike. Make a right at the first traffic light (onto SW 152ND Avenue / NE 28TH Avenue), and you will see Casavana on your left-hand side at the far-right-hand-end of the Oasis Plaza.


Homestead City Council Passes Building Moratorium On The East Side

Read all about it.

Courtesy – The Miami Herald