My Top 5 Hits RETRO – 1971

I love doing this feature on Fridays. It’s an ode to my long-running hobby of a #CountUp of the top pop hits each week. It’s also a nod to my previous endeavor online – the predecessor to this blog – my own once-popular hit music web site that ran from the late-1990s through the first year of my salvation. I once had a feature on there called “The Major’s MASSIVE Memories” where I highlighted the greatest hits of my life.

Today – Friday June 05TH 2020 – is my 53RD birthday ! It feels great to be 53. Some days I feel 53. Some days I feel older than 53. Other days I feel younger. Speaking of younger:

YEP – That’s me from exactly 49 years ago on Saturday June 05TH 1971. There I am turning 4 years old blowing out the candles on my birthday cake. That was in our cozy apartment in Greenbelt Maryland.

If I was listening to the radio on that day (and I probably was) I was listening to WWDC AM-1260 where I first discovered pop music. Here are the Top 5 hits from coast-to-coast on my 4TH birthday:

1. “Brown Sugar” – The Rolling Stones
2. “Joy To The World” – Three Dog Night
3. “Want Ads” – The Honey Cone
4. “It Don’t Come Easy” – Ringo Starr
5. “Rainy Days And Mondays” – The Carpenters

I loved Three Dog Night growing up as a little kid, and I still love them today. “Joy To The World” is actually in heavy rotation today on my iTunes Library and iPod Shuffles. It’s one of the greatest hits of my life. Here’s Three Dog Night performing at the cocktail party on the Monday November 29TH 1971 episode of “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” – one of my favorite TV shows back in the day:

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Saturday Night Retro

Saturday September 25TH 2010
Volume 3 / Number 3 / Edition 100

It’s the remarkable 100TH edition of my ‘Saturday Night Retro’ – an unsuspecting weekly blog series that began at the start of September of 2008.

While 100 is indeed a very special number signaling a milestone it is not often utilized in reference to time. You don’t often hear the terms ‘100 seconds’ or ‘100 minutes’. They are essentially irrelevant. ‘1 minute and 40 seconds’ or ‘1 hour and 40 minutes’ are more appropriate. ‘100 days’ is used to signify the first 100 days of a Presidential administration: ‘It’s his first 100 days. Here’s what he didn’t get done.’ Nobody really cares about 100 weeks or 100 months because 100 weeks is close enough to 2 years, and 100 months is just too many to keep track of. 100 years is significant because it’s a century. When you turn 100 that’s remarkable enough to get your name mentioned by the legendary Willard Scott on “Today” on NBC. I often find myself rooting for Willard to reach 100 himself. That could happen in 23½-years.

On this 100TH edition of my ‘Saturday Night Retro’ I look back at 39 years ago in September of 1971. I was a 4-year-old kid living with my Mom and Dad in our small Greenbelt Maryland ground floor apartment (# 102). We watched a lot of TV together after my Dad came home from work. In fact one of my favourite TV shows during that time was the cartoon “Wait ‘Till Your Father Gets Home”. I also loved to visit my Grandmom and Granddad and their Pekingese ‘Meei Ling’. They lived just a mile-and-a-half down the road from me in neighbouring Lanham Maryland. Their grandchildren loved to visit them, and I loved to hang out with my cousins there – especially John John who is two years older than me. He was like a big brother to me back then. We loved to play with green Army men figures and colourful Matchbox cars. Good Times. 1971 Retro.

My Grandmom always played the hottest hits on her stereo and record player – like this one from The McCartneys: