Monday Night Countdown

SSGT Me In 1994
SSGT Me In 1994

This week I present to you the TOP 5 things that were on my mind when this picture was taken of me:

5.  Do I look abnormally skinny in this uniform ?

4.  Why am I so miserable ?  Could it be that we only have Diet Coke to drink ?

3.  If it weren’t for this handy-dandy nose of mine these ENORMOUS glasses would simply fall right off of my face !

2.  One day this watch of mine is going to be a collector’s item.

1.  I just can’t wait to get home so that I can listen to my hot new Ace Of Base CD !

3 thoughts on “Monday Night Countdown

  1. Ok Bro.. just when I thought you couldn’t top the high school WINGED HAIR picture you posted a week or so ago, you present us with this absolute GEM!

    First of all. LOVE THE MOUSTACHE!! Bring it back!!!!!

    Second of all.. the still wear that same watch to this very day. Even after I bought you a BRAND NEW WATCH 2 Christmas’s ago!!!!

    So I was thinking about how you keep your favorite items for a long time and I realized something about myself, and an item I have had for quite some time.

    As I was looking in my closet the other day for a nice comfortable pair of shorts to wear on a hot day, I stumbled across a pair of sweatpant shorts, that I had cut the legs off of, to turn “sweatpants” into “sweatpant shorts”. I believe these were the same sweatpants that I USED TO WEAR TO GYM IN HIGH SCHOOL. I think Mom bought me those sweatpants at a Zayre’s or Jamesway BACK IN 1989!!!!

    They now look like SWISS CHEESE in the buttocks area, with about 30 to 40 small holes exposing various parts of my NETHER REGION. It looks like a swarm of moths attacked it.

    However, I will NEVER EVER throw them away!! They are by far, the most comfortable article of clothing I own, as well as the most BREATHABLE…

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