Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

1.  TODAY will go down in South Florida history as one of the coldest October days EVER !  We officially dropped down to 57°F at Homestead Air Reserve Base this morning, and we’ve been stuck in the 60s all day long. Tomorrow morning when we wake up we could have howling wind chills deep down into the 40s !

2.  Homestead was shivering (I love that phrase), and everywhere you looked you saw adults, children, and pets alike all bundled up in thick winter clothes that usually only see the light of day about a dozen days a year. Those people over there in the tee-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops ?  Those are what we like to refer to here in Homestead as ‘snowbirds’ – also known as Canadian tourists.

3.  My 7TH cold in 12 months is officially in the history books, or as I like to refer to as my very public history books – this blog. This cold seemed longer and harsher than a lot of the previous ones, so it was not my ‘Lucky 7TH Cold’. I’ll be flying back from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so that’s only 32 more days until I get my 8TH cold in 13 months !

4.  Last Friday was Election Day in my living room. I voted via absentee ballot. I put it in the mail on Saturday morning. I just checked online with the Miami-Dade County Elections Department, and they have indeed received it as of this past Monday. One week from tonight we should find out who our next President Of The United States is. Whoever it is I will stand behind him and support him as he takes on a mountain of problems. I have very strong political views. They are so strong that I keep them to myself (most of the time) because they would offend and shock most people I know – including many of my close personal friends.

5.  Let me tell you something about a company by the name of ALLSOP with headquarters in Washington State, Ireland, and Shanghai China. I recently bought a ‘Metal Art CPU Caddy’ which is basically a little metal cart for my computer to fit in. The cart has 4 wheels, but one of the wheels was defective in that it was missing a bolt so I couldn’t attach it to the bottom of the cart. The cart was useless. I sent a short and simple E-Mail to the company on a Friday afternoon, and they sent me a personalized response back the following Monday morning. I replied to that response later that same day, and the next morning they shipped a replacement wheel to me via first class mail. I received it a few days later, and my CPU caddy is now in business fulfilling its mission !  In this modern era of widespread poor to non-existent customer service from retail companies I was totally ecstatic to discover a company that still does business the old-fashioned way no matter how big and universal they are. They cater to their customers who buy their products. You just don’t see that very much nowadays. THANKS ALLSOP !

Those are my thoughts for this Tuesday night. Thank You So Much for taking the time to read them.