Blatant Promotion

First we hit up the mid-1960s (before I was even born). Then we disco danced straight into the Summer Of 1979. Then we cruised on up to 1989. Then we did the ‘Macarena’ in 1995. Then we went back in time via the “Soul Train” to 1973. Then we fell back even further to 1969. Last week we catapulted 34 years into the future from 1969 to 2003. Coming up this Saturday night on the ‘Retro’ I’m gonna take you back to the heart and soul of 1984 – back to when I was 17-years-old. Catch a glimpse of what my life was all about back then, won’t you ?  I’ll even show you my actual 11TH grade final report card !  You’re not gonna wanna miss that my friends !  What you will see could SHOCK you !

But before that – more funny stuff to make you laugh courtesy of the ‘Saturday Morning Shenanigans’. And before that another fresh new ‘Friday Night Blogroll Review’. You betcha it’s the best of the best in blogging action this week !

It’s all happenin’ right here on the blog that more people talk about over at Life Pointe Church on Sunday mornings than any other. I know that’s right, and until we hang out again for more hijinks – REMEMBER THIS !



My NFL Weekend Game Picks: The Results Show

Here’s how I did this past weekend. Judge for yourself.

SUN 1:00 PM EDT (8)
Chargers At BillsYES !
Saints At PanthersYES !
Vikings At BearsYES !
Steelers At Bengals – OUTRAGEOUS UPSET SPECIAL ! – NO !
Titans At Chiefs – YES !
Ravens At DolphinsNO !
49ers At GiantsYES !

SUN 4:05 PM EDT (1)
Lions At TexansYES !

SUN 4:15 PM EDT (3)
Colts At Packers – NO !
Jets At Raiders – NO !
Browns At RedskinsYES !

SUN 8:15 PM EDT (1)
Seahawks At BuccaneersYES !

MON 8:30 PM EDT (1)
Broncos At PatriotsYES !


OVERALL – 68-34 (.667)

Check out my fresh new picks for this upcoming weekend’s games TOMORROW !

I’m Sick ! I Ate A Cricket !

‘The Major’s Health & Awareness Center’ has confirmed that as of 6 AM EDT this morning the concerned area of disturbed conditions within my face over the past couple of days has indeed formed a closed circulation center and thus intensified into Common Cold # 7 making it the unbelievably ridiculous 7TH cold for me over the past 12 months. This is also less than 4 weeks removed from the arrival of Common Cold # 6 back on Thursday September 25TH 2008.

A stay-at-home curfew warning is now in effect for my home, and all residents and living creatures of the right-hand side of my nose have been strongly advised to rush evacuation procedures to completion and move quickly over to the left-hand side of my nose that currently works properly. If current conditions shall continue to persist or deteriorate further then Common Cold # 7 could then be upgraded to Hurricold Gabriel.

Stay tuned to this blog channel for further updates as they occur.