Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

With this edition of the flagship weekly series on this blog we begin the 2ND year of all-new thoughts on a Tuesday night. Who said this wouldn’t last more than 3 weeks ?  Often imitated but never as durable I present this to you:

1.  The rainy season has officially ended aqui en el Sur de Florida, and now we can look forward to delightful winter weather that residents of 48 other states (excluding Hawaii) can only dream of while we take it for granted. Having stated that – and how ironic – but we can expect occasional showers and perhaps even a stray thunderstorm or two at any time between now and Saturday night. The high humidity will return as well, but then on Sunday look out – sunny, much cooler, and definitely drier !

2.  FINALLY !  AT LONG LAST !  I am seeing political ads on TV for the other half of us, and they are being presented by the Republican Jewish Coalition. I’m actually cheering these ads on (loudly) when I see them because I’m just happy to see anything for my side now after having been blasted by negative attack ads from the other side for way too many months now.

3.  I’m hardly ever in a hurry when I drive from here to there, so I typically drive pretty close to the posted speed limit (unlike the other 8 out of 10 of you). Having stated that it just seems like whenever I do need to get from here to there just a little bit faster than normal everyone around me has decided that would be the perfect time to drive way too slow (below the posted speed limit) and box me in. Just my luck.

4.  I may look like I’m 22, but I usually feel like I’m 32. I’m approaching 42, but this past Monday morning I actually felt like I was closer to 52. This was after a weekend in which I nonchalantly sprained my lower back while playing air hockey at Dave & Buster’s, got very little sleep on Saturday night, cut open my right index finger on Sunday morning, and then got very little sleep again on Sunday night. Oh yeah I also slept improperly so my entire right arm aches a bit when I try to raise it. This weekend I’ll be relaxing and recuperating peacefully anhd quietly at home.

5.  Phil introduced me to Little Max (a Maltese dog) on Monday morning. Dogs don’t like me, but I think that Max did. P.J. and A.J. encouraged me to hold M.J., and once I hesitantly did so he wanted to take a quick nap in my hand. Max is lovable, but I could never be a master of a canine. It’s been about 33 years since my last dog was taken away from me. It was one of the most traumatic experiences of my entire childhood.