Blatant Promotion

TOMORROW (Wednesday) here on the big green blog I’ll have ‘My NFL Weekend Game Picks: The Results Show’. See how I did with my 14 picks from this past weekend. Then on Thursday – all new picks for this upcoming weekend.

On Friday be sure to catch another fresh new ‘Blogroll Review’. It’s the best of the best in blogging action from this current week.

Last Saturday night on the ‘Retro’ we got psychedelic and partied ‘Laugh-In’ style like it was 1969. This weekend I’m fast-forwarding¬†from there into the future by a whopping 34 years. I’m gonna take you back to my crazy (night)life of 2003. It was only 5 years ago, but it seems like an eternity – perhaps even an entirely different lifetime ago.

THANK YOU for blogging with me, and I hope to hang out with you again tomorrow. Until then … REMEMBER THIS !

Bridge Of Water - Over Water (Germany)

Bridge Of Water - Over Water (Germany)

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