Walmart: It’s What’s For Breakfast

So I’m officially at home today (Friday) on sick leave. As an employee of the Department Of Defense I’ve accumulated well over 1,300 hours of sick leave (about 166 work days), so I’m using a minuscule percentage (0.6%) of my sick leave today.

I really am sick today. This is officially Day 3 of my 7TH cold in 12 months, but unofficially it’s Day 5 because I felt something bad coming on as early as Monday. On Wednesday the right-hand side of my nose was closed for business. Yesterday it had a soft reopening, but then the left-hand side of my nose had its share of problems. Today both sides are equally experiencing technical difficulties. I also have a headache (due to excess sinus pressure), partially-blocked ears, and occasional hot-flashes of sweat.

So I set out (rather late) this morning to eat a MASSIVE breakfast over at Denny’s of Florida City (where all of the food is). That didn’t happen because when I got there the parking lot was crammed to capacity (like I’ve never seen it before), so I just kept on driving by.

At that precise moment in time and space I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go to Walmart of all places (also in Florida City – where all of the commercial merchandise is). It was the first time that I had set foot in that store in years !  The joint has changed a lot since I was last there. It’s cleaner, more organized, and brighter now. They must have all-new management in place now because this is not the same scary Walmart that I used to set foot in every few years. This supercenter is now shoppable !  I spent nearly an hour there. I even bought a few groceries there in addition to a lovely birthday gift that I bought for one of my little buddies whose party I plan to attend tomorrow morning (health-permitting).

I must say though that Walmart’s grocery prices are nothing to sneeze about. During a general price survey of the joint I realized that their prices are either slightly lower – or in some cases slightly higher than what I’m used to at Publix. I expected much lower prices, but I guess that with a nicer store to shop at they had to raise their prices a bit. I’ll probably shop there more often than I have in the past (more than once every two or three years).

I should have gotten breakfast at Walmart. They have an actual McDonald’s inside the joint !

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