My NFL Weekend Game Picks

It’s Thursday night, so you just know what that means. We’re goin’ ‘Retro’ on a Saturday night in less than 48 hours. I’m taking you back exactly 22 years to the first weekend of November in 1986. Be sure to check that one out. You won’t regret it pal.

But right now it’s time for me to make my weekly professional football picks. After 116 games I’ve picked more than 67% of them correctly. While that may sound respectable to you it’s a bit below what I’ve done in previous seasons. Let’s see if I can get all of these picks right:

SUN 1:00 PM EST (8)
Jets At Bills
Lions At Bears
At Bengals
Ravens At Browns
At Chiefs
Texans At Vikings
Cardinals At Rams – MILD UPSET SPECIAL !
Packers At Titans

SUN 4:05 PM EST (1)
Dolphins At Broncos

SUN 4:15 PM EST (3)
Cowboys At Giants
At Raiders
Eagles At Seahawks

SUN 8:15 PM EST (1)
Patriots At Colts

MON 8:30 PM EST (1)
Steelers At Redskins

Notice that all of the times listed above are ‘EST’. That’s Eastern Standard Time. Don’t forget to set all of your clocks back by one hour before you go to sleep this Saturday night !

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